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5 Ways To Combat Jet Lag

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5 Ways To Combat Jet Lag
Tuesday, March 17, 2015

5 Ways To Combat Jet Lag

This year is flying by, and we are already in March, so you've probably already booked your vacation for this year if you love to travel and see the world.

However, something that can really put people off is the nasty long haul flight and the jet lag to follow…

The feeling of drowsiness and lethargy experienced after a long aircraft journey is known as 'jet lag'. You body's clock works off your local time, setting your sleeping and eating times. It may take some time for your body to adjust to the new time zones if you are travelling quite far.

Jet lag is a big issue among long haul fliers, so British Airways have decided to create a Jet Lag advisor to try to combat the problem.

It is difficult to beat off jet lag once it has started, but following these 5 golden rules could help prevent it's effects:

  • Establish A New Daily Routine. Start by adapting your daily routine to the times of the country that you are travelling to.
  • Plan A Stopover. Try to split your journey in two if possible. This will help your body adjust naturally to the new time zone. Plus a change of scenery always breaks up the monotony of a long flight.
  • Have A Drink. Keeping hydrated before and during your flight will help ease you into the new time zone rather than worsen your jet lag.
  • Medicate Wisely. Taking sleeping tablets will not help you naturally adjust to a new sleeping pattern, and is therefore not advised.
  • Keep Calm And Carry On. Try to alleviate your stress.Pre-booking parking in advance and checking in online will undoubtedly help with this.
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