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Best Price Guarantee

  1. The Best Price Guarantee Policy (“BPGP”) is introduced by ParkCloud Ltd to ensure that when making a reservation online with this website (“Website”), you get the same price as payable directly with the chosen car park. If you find out that the car park you have booked through the Website, could have been booked cheaper when booking directly with the car park (“Lower Price”), you will be credited with the difference.
  2. BPGP applies only for parking spaces reservations (“Bookings”) made though the Website where prepayment is taken.
  3. To be eligible for the refund under BPGP you must have:
    1. made a Booking on the Website
    2. made a payment online
  4. To be credited under BPGP you must report the Lower Price in 48 hours from the time of your Booking (the Lower Price must be offered by the car park directly at the time of the Booking)
  5. Refund claim based on the BPGP can be only accepted when it (all points below must apply):
    1. contains your name, surname and booking confirmation reference number
    2. is delivered by email to the email address stated on the Website.
    3. is supported by evidence where you have to prove the Lower Price has been found. The acceptable evidence is a screenshot from the car park’s website.
  6. To be eligible as evidence the screenshot must contain (all points below must apply so you may have to take more than one screenshot to capture all of this information):
    1. the time and date the screenshot was taken,
    2. the price shown after the completion of the car park’s booking form with exactly the same date and time given (we cannot rely on a daily price, length of the stay or dates without exact hour of stay),
    3. the total cost including any applicable charges (e.g. credit card charges) for the correct car type
    4. website name/ logo.
  7. BPGP does not apply when:
    1. You have cancelled the booking before applying for a refund or have previously exercised your right to a refund;
    2. the Lower Price has been offered or published by a third party and not a car park itself;
    3. ParkCloud Ltd is unable to verify, using reasonable efforts, that the Lower Price has been found;
    4. Lower Price is available through offline booking channels;
    5. Parking service offered by a car park was included as a part of a travel package;
    6. Parking service offered by a car park was on an offer not available for general public (e.g. residents);
    7. The offer has been discounted by a car park by use of coupons, loyalty rewards etc.
  8. It will take us up to 30 days to process your refund request. After your claim is processed you will be contacted by our representative on the email address provided during the booking process. Please note that you may be contacted in English.
  9. The refund amount will be the difference between the price paid when making a reservation online at the Website (however, the refund will be calculated from the original Booking only without regards to amendments made, if any) and the Lower Price offered by a car park. The refund will be made in the currency that you have paid in and using the payment method you have chosen to make a payment.
  10. ParkCloud Ltd reserves the right to terminate or amend this offer at any time without notice.
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