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Zurich Airport Parking

We have 25 trusted car parks to choose from at Zurich

Number of Car Parks Best Priced per day Best Rated Car Park Closest Car Park
25 myparking Zurich Undercover


Speedparking Zurich Airport
Speedparking Zurich Airport

1.19 Km

How to Book Parking at Zurich Airport

Enter the dates you’re travelling on in the search box to check availability and start ParkVia’s quick and easy booking process. Choose from thousands of parking spaces at off-site Zurich airport car parks. 

There’re only 3 simple steps when booking with ParkVia. 


Quickly and easily compare prices, services, reviews, availability and distance from the terminal. Find secure long or short-stay parking in indoor or outdoor airport car parks.  


Choose the best parking space for your needs. Shuttle bus transfer, car valet and other services are available. Pay securely online and get the best price guaranteed.  


Enjoy peace of mind with a guaranteed parking space for your trip. Just show your booking reservation on arrival. 

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Compare Parking at Zurich

View and compare approved car park operators at this location
TOP Parking Zurich Open-air
(1046 Reviews)
Speedparking Zurich Airport
(3390 Reviews)
Private Parking Airport Zurich Open-air
(2597 Reviews)
Private Parking Airport Zurich Underground Garage
(1047 Reviews)
Park Travel Zurich Parkhaus Open Air
(821 Reviews)
Billigparking Zurich Airport
(211 Reviews)
ProParking Zurich Open-Air
(80 Reviews)
TOP Parking Zurich Multistorey
(39 Reviews)
Holiday Inn Express Zurich Airport
(482 Reviews)
myparking Zurich Undercover
(718 Reviews)
Parken-Fliegen Parking A
(686 Reviews)
Günstig Parken Zürich
(96 Reviews)
Parken-Fliegen Underground Parking Parkplatz B
(92 Reviews)
Park Travel Zurich Parkhaus Undercover
(26 Reviews)
Parking Flughafen Zurich Parking A
(100 Reviews)
Airport Shuttle Parking Zurich
(1483 Reviews)
Mövenpick Hotel - Park & Ride - Open Air
(276 Reviews)
1A Parking Zurich Undercover
(91 Reviews)
Swiss Park And Fly Zurich Undercover
(61 Reviews)
Swiss Park and Fly Zurich Open Air
(163 Reviews)
ParkExpress Zürich
(37 Reviews)
ProParking Zurich Undercover
(13 Reviews)
Swiss Park and Fly Zurich Parking A - Open-Air
(8 Reviews)
Cent Park Zurich
(41 Reviews)
Parking Flughafen Zurich Parking B
(5 Reviews)

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Find the most conveniently located Zurich car parks.
Zurich Airport Parking

Compare Zurich Airport Car Park Prices and Reviews 

At Zurich, we have 25 approved car parks in which all the best and most popular car parks can be booked on our website with these options you are bound to find the right airport parking space for you! We only offer our customers secure and low-cost parking so that they can find the best parking at the best price. 

When comparing car parks to find the one for you, features that may be ideal for you and your journey should be considered. Do you need long or short-term parking? Would you prefer it if the car park was accessible 24/7 and had CCTV or night patrol? Is the flooring tarmac or gravel? These features are listed where applicable to each car park operator section for easy comparison. 

You can also check the location of the car parks with the Zurich airport parking map that we provide in each operator's section. 

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Zurich Airport Parking Prices 

Whether you're looking for short-term or long-term parking at Zurich airport, using ParkVia you can quickly compare the cost and features of each car park at Zurich Airport. The cost of parking at Zurich Airport varies depending on whether you choose a park-and-ride car park with a shuttle service or whether you prefer valet/meet-and-greet parking. The latter will cost more but offers greater convenience for travellers looking to save time. 

Proximity to the airport can also be a factor influencing price, with the off-site car parks costing slightly less whilst often providing free shuttle bus transfer to the terminal in minutes. Additional features offered by operators such as car washing, and individual transfers can also add to the cost but will ensure that you enjoy the best possible experience both before and after your trip. Once you find your ideal parking space, you can book Zurich Airport parking quickly and securely. 

Cheap Parking at Zurich Airport

Due to our best price guarantee, you’ll never pay more when you book with us than you would when paying directly for your chosen car park. This includes traditionally premium products such as covered parking and valet parking. However, you can save more by booking in advance, where customers can save up to 60% off their car park space compared to paying on the day. 

The cheapest airport parking is typically an off-site car park that’s not owned by the airport, where a shuttle service would be offered. Whereas on-site car parks are often more expensive mainly because of their convenience, it’s good for disabled parking and has direct access to the Zurich terminals check-in area. 

At Zurich airport, we provide valet parking, which allows our customers to park and collect their cars at the airport. All off-site parking is secure with CCTV surveillance, plus friendly and professional staff. 

Book parking at Zurich airport terminals 

Zurich Airport consists of two passenger terminals: terminals 1 and 2. Terminal 1 mostly handles flights within the Schengen area and domestic flights whereas terminal 2 handles international flights. Airlines like Lufthansa, Emirates, Edelweiss Air and Helvetic Airways all have outbound and inbound flights at Zurich Airport. 

Ramps are lifts are available throughout the terminal to provide access to all areas. Wheelchairs are also available for disabled travellers on request whereas passengers needing special assistance should inform their airline before travel. Pick up and drop offs are free when the stay is within 5 minutes, which is available at any car park. 

On our website, you can book with operators that we’ve partnered with like Park Travel, Speedparking, and Private Parking, who all provide free shuttle bus service, free cancellation, and online payment. These operators all provide car parks that are convenient for getting to the terminal, however, Speedparking and Holiday Inn Express locations would be most convenient with transfer times. 

Need to know more? Check out the Zurich Airport website

Shuttle Bus and Other Zurich Airport Parking Services 

When booking with an operator, services like the shuttle bus or valet parking may be offered in addition to your parking experience. Due to its popularity, we’ve put together a small description for each which summarises each service. These are often provided at no additional cost to your parking. 

What is it and how does it work? 

Shuttle bus 

The shuttle bus service may be needed if the walking distance to a terminal is quite far compared to the typical distance between a car park and the entrance. They're offered to make your transfers more convenient and may be necessary for situations where you have too much luggage to walk with to the terminal. You can keep your keys and come back to your car when you arrive back at the airport. 

Valet parking 

The valet parking service is a slight luxury for your vehicle, where you can have your car squeaky clean by the time you get back from your journey! With this, you would need to hand over your keys but your car will be taken to the terminal on your arrival so your luggage can be loaded before you drive off. 

Even though we recommend booking in advance to save money on your parking space, you should also do this to prevent hassle for services like the shuttle bus or valet parking. Doing so will ensure that everything is sorted in preparation for your arrival. Any questions or concerns? Contact us via customer.service@parkvia.com

Tips on Where To Park at Zurich Airport

Here are some useful tips to help you find the best car park to suit your needs at Zurich Airport Terminal. 

  • For shuttle service, aim to arrive at the airport 3 hours before departure. 
  • For valet parking service leave 2 hours before departure. 
  • All car parks on our site are secure, but if you’re looking for added car park security, Speedparking Zurich Airport is one of our approved car park operators that have perimeter fences, a shuttle bus, anti-COVID measures, and an insured car park. 

Zurich Airport Parking FAQs 

How early/late can I book parking at Zurich airport? 

You can book up to 6 months in advance of your travel date, subject to availability. The earlier you book, the more money you save. 

With our late cancel option you can make last-minute changes to your bookings at least 24 hours prior to arrival.

How do I make a booking? 

The online booking process is straightforward and only takes a few minutes. Start via the search box at the top of the page: 

  1. Select your date and times for arrival and departure at Zurich airport. 
  2. Check prices, services, reviews, availability, and distance from the terminal. 
  3. Select your car park and complete the booking form, including the number of passenger seats needed on the shuttle bus transfer if service is offered. 
  4. Make a secure payment with Mastercard Credit, Mastercard Debit, Visa Credit Card, Visa Debit Card, PayPal or American Express, or pay on arrival at the car park in some locations. 
  5. You’ll get a fast confirmation email with the car park information including contact details and address. Show a printed or digital copy of the voucher that may have a QR code or pin provided on arrival. Car park-specific procedures are provided on the car park pages and in the confirmation email. 

Can I change or cancel my booking? 

Yes. Bookings can be amended in 'My Account'. Additionally, all bookings, unless stated as non-cancellable, can be cancelled free of charge up to 7 days before the arrival time, or 24 hours after the arrival time if the late cancellation protection is purchased at checkout. Please check your booking policy before making any changes or cancellations.

Is it safe to park my car at Zurich airport car park? 

Yes, we only work with secure car parks. You’ll benefit from the peace of mind of knowing you are leaving your car in a car park of the highest standard. 

About Zurich Airport Parking 

Zurich Airport is an international airport in Switzerland and ranks as the busiest airport in the city. It was opened in 1948 and is also known as Kloten Airport. Due to the importance of transportation in and out of Zurich, which is a hotspot for many tourists, the airport features flights to lots of European metropolitan areas, as well as some seasonal long-haul flights to America. 

Simply book your airport parking in Zurich with ParkVia which provides you with the best service, security, and price guaranteed. By booking online, you can choose the provider and add-ons that suit you best. From open-air and undercover parking spaces to 24/7 CCTV and free shuttle buses, there’s no worry when choosing us and our operators. 

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