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Airport Parking Düsseldorf

We have 35 trusted car parks to choose from at Dusseldorf

Number of Car Parks Best Priced per day Best Rated Car Park Closest Car Park
35 Park & Fly Dusseldorf


Relax-Park Dusseldorf Airport
Parken Airport DUS

0.00 Km

How to book parking at Dusseldorf airport

To begin the simple booking process with ParkVia, enter your travel dates into the search box to check for availability. Select from a wide range of parking spaces at both on-site and off-site car parks at Dusseldorf airport. 

There’re only 3 simple steps when booking with ParkVia: 

Step 1: COMPARE. Quickly and easily compare prices, services, reviews, availability and distance from the terminal. Find secure long or short stay parking in indoor or outdoor airport car parks.  

Step 2: BOOK. Choose the best parking space for your needs. Shuttle bus transfer, car valet and other services are available. Pay securely online and get the best price guaranteed.  

Step 3: PARK. Enjoy peace of mind with a guaranteed parking space for your trip. Just show your booking reservation on arrival. 

Compare Dusseldorf airport car park prices and reviews

If you are travelling to Dusseldorf airport and planning to park your car, you can easily find a suitable parking spot on our website. We offer a wide range of on-site and off-site car parks, which include some of the best and most popular options available. Our customers can be assured of the security and affordability of our parking options, as we only offer low-cost and secure parking solutions. 

When booking parking with us, it's important to consider certain features that may be more suitable for your needs. For instance, you may need long-term or short-term parking depending on the duration of your trip. Additionally, you may want to consider the availability of features like 24/7 access, CCTV surveillance, and night patrols. Furthermore, it may be important for you to know whether the flooring of the car park is made of tarmac or gravel. To make it easier for our customers to compare car parks, we provide a list of all these features, where applicable, for each car park operator section. 

Other important features to consider when selecting a car park include car theft insurance, which offers protection to your vehicle in case of any unfortunate incidents. Additionally, it's always good to know the location of the car park, and we provide a map of each operator's section on our website so that you can easily check its location and proximity to the airport. 

Flying from a different airport? Find parking in Cologne. 

What our customers say about parking at Dusseldorf.


Compare Parking at Dusseldorf

View and compare approved car park operators at this location
Queen- Valetpark Meet and Greet Undercover
(8 Reviews)
Queen Valet Meet and Greet Open-Air
(42 Reviews)
ParkExpert Dusseldorf
(1244 Reviews)
AirportParkservice Dusseldorf
(1069 Reviews)
Cleverparks Dusseldorf
(596 Reviews)
Relax-Park Dusseldorf Airport
(547 Reviews)
(4930 Reviews)
Park & Fly Dusseldorf
(3572 Reviews)
Hive Park Undercover
(59 Reviews)
Dusseldorf Airport P5 SkyTrain
(39 Reviews)
Parkkonig Dusseldorf Shuttle undercover
(347 Reviews)
Dusseldorf Airport P4 SkyTrain
(14 Reviews)
Parkkonig Dusseldorf Meet & Greet open-air
(442 Reviews)
Park and Fly Dusseldorf Meet & Greet
(156 Reviews)
AirportParkingDusseldorf Meet & Greet Undercover
(143 Reviews)
Hive Park
(60 Reviews)
Parken Airport DUS
(36 Reviews)
ParkingFirst Undercover Dusseldorf
(9 Reviews)
Airport Shuttle Parking Flughafen Düsseldorf Undercover
(1497 Reviews)
AirportParkingDüsseldorf - Meet and Greet
(357 Reviews)
Weltparking Shuttle Dusseldorf
(109 Reviews)
ParkingFirst Dusseldorf
(5 Reviews)
(90 Reviews)
My-Parkdus Open-air
(44 Reviews)
IPS Parking Düsseldorf open-air
(1435 Reviews)
Parkkonig Dusseldorf Shuttle open-air
(228 Reviews)
(22 Reviews)
Parking Düsseldorf Meet & Greet Open-air
(0 Reviews)
(0 Reviews)
Park for Flight Shuttle Open-Air Düsseldorf
(69 Reviews)
AirportParkingDusseldorf Undercover
(28 Reviews)
IPS Parking Düsseldorf undercover
(89 Reviews)
(59 Reviews)
ParkingSpacesDUS Meet and Greet
(21 Reviews)
Park for Flight Shuttle Undercover Düsseldorf
(8 Reviews)

Car park map

Find the most conveniently located Dusseldorf car parks.
Airport Parking Düsseldorf

Dusseldorf airport parking prices 

ParkVia provides a convenient way to compare and book short-term or long-term parking options at Dusseldorf airport. By using ParkVia, travellers can quickly compare the cost and features of each car park. The cost of parking at Dusseldorf airport can vary depending on the type of parking selected. For example, park-and-ride car parks with shuttle service tend to cost less compared to valet/meet-and-greet parking, which is more expensive but offers greater convenience. 

The distance between the airport and the car park is also an important factor that can affect the price. Off-site car parks tend to be less expensive, and most offer free shuttle bus transfers to the terminal in just a few minutes. Some operators may offer additional features like car washing and individual transfers, which can add to the cost, but provide a more personalized experience. 

Once you find the ideal parking space for your needs, booking Dusseldorf airport parking is quick and secure. 

The Dusseldorf airport parking rate differs depending on the operator of your choice. To check parking space costs, please go through our booking system at the top of this page. 

Cheap parking at Dusseldorf airport 

Due to our best price guarantee, you’ll never pay more when you book with us than you would when paying directly for your chosen car park and can find cheap Dusseldorf airport parking. This includes traditionally premium products such as covered parking and valet parking. However, you can save more by booking in advance, where customers can save up to 60% off their car park space compared to paying on the day. 

The cheapest airport parking is typically an off-site car park that’s not owned by the airport, where a shuttle service would be offered. Whereas on-site car parks are often more expensive mainly because of their convenience, it’s good for disabled parking and has direct access to the DUS terminals check-in area. 

We recommend you try Dusseldorf airport valet parking, which allows our customers to park and collect their cars at the airport. All off-site parking is secure with CCTV surveillance, plus friendly and professional staff. 

Parking at Dusseldorf airport terminals  

Dusseldorf airport has three passenger terminals: Terminals A, B, and C. They are connected to a central building and can be accessed by SkyTrain or on foot. Terminal A handles airlines such as Lufthansa and Eurowings, Terminal B caters to domestic and EU flights, while Terminal C caters to non-Schengen flights, especially long-haul flights. Each terminal has four levels, with Level 0 for arrivals, Level 1 for departures, and Level 2 for travel markets and amenities. Level 3 is an observation deck. Services such as toilets, banks, and baby care facilities are available at all terminals. 

Shuttle bus and other Dusseldorf airport parking services 

When booking with an operator, services like the shuttle bus or valet parking may be offered in addition to your parking experience. Due to its popularity, we’ve put together a small description for each which summarises each service. These are often provided at no additional cost to your parking. 

If the distance from the car park to the terminal is greater than usual or if you have a lot of luggage to carry, you may require the use of a shuttle bus service. These services are provided to make your transfer more convenient, and you can hold onto your car keys and return to your vehicle when you return to the airport. 

A valet parking service is a luxurious option for your vehicle, which ensures that your car will be sparkling clean upon your return from your journey. However, you will need to relinquish your keys so that your car can be brought to the terminal upon your arrival, allowing your luggage to be loaded before you drive away. 

Even though we recommend booking in advance to save money on your parking space, you should also do this to prevent hassle for services like the shuttle bus or valet parking. Doing so will ensure that everything is sorted in preparation for your arrival. Any questions or concerns? Contact us via customer.service@parkvia.com. 

Tips on where to park at Dusseldorf airport 

When travelling from Dusseldorf airport, finding the right car park can be crucial to ensuring a smooth journey. To help you make the best choice, we have compiled some useful tips. 

If you are using the Dusseldorf airport shuttle service, it is recommended to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before your departure time to allow for potential delays and ensure a stress-free experience. On the other hand, if you are using the valet parking service, you can arrive 2 hours before your departure. 

While all car parks listed on our website are secure, some offer additional security measures for peace of mind. One such operator is Parkinglow, which provides meet-and-greet services, night patrols, and 24/7 opening hours. 

For those seeking convenience, the Queen-Valetpark Meet and Greet Undercover car park is the closest to the terminal. However, if you are looking for the best value, the Park and Fly Dusseldorf car park offers the cheapest rates. 

If you want a balance of convenience and affordability, the Hive Park Undercover car park is top-rated by our users. And for those looking for added services, the Parkkonig Dusseldorf Shuttle Open-Air car park is the best option. 

By considering these factors and using our website to compare and book car parks at Dusseldorf airport, you can ensure a hassle-free start and end to your journey. 

About Dusseldorf airport 

Dusseldorf airport is an international airport that handles many flights with various airlines. It offers services such as free Wi-Fi, postal services, baby care facilities, ATMs, pharmacies, food and drink concessions, luggage storage, and an information desk. 

Dusseldorf airport offers various transportation options to get to the city centre, including bus, taxi, train, metro, SkyTrain, and car hire. These options provide safe and convenient ways to travel, and more information is available for each mode of transportation. 

Bus. There are plenty of public transport services available from Dusseldorf airport. See more information. 

Taxi. Travel to downtown Dusseldorf within 15 minutes by calling a taxi. Simple and convenient! See more information  

Train. There's train transportation available at Dusseldorf airport. See more information 

Metro. It's easy to get to the metro from Dusseldorf airport. A brilliant choice if you don’t wish to carry a lot of your luggage. See more information 

SkyTrain. The SkyTrain is the best way to transfer between terminals. Dusseldorf Airport Railway Station and long-term parking spaces. See more information. 

Car hire. There are many cars for hire at Dusseldorf Airport so that you can explore the beauty of Dusseldorf at your leisure. See more information 


Airport disclaimer: For lost items in the aeroplane, passengers must contact directly with their airline. For lost items or property at the Airport, please call the Lost & Found department. 

+49 (0) 211 4212515 

Location: Parking Lot P3, Level 0 

Service hours: Daily from 05:00 am to 11:00 pm. 

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