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Ferihegy Parkolo Budapest Airport

4.6 / 5 (165)


  • Anti-Covid Measures Anti-Covid Measures
  • Insured Car Park Insured Car Park
  • Barrier Entry Barrier Entry
  • Undercover Undercover
  • Free Transfers Free Transfers
  • 24 Hour 24 Hour
  • Perimeter Fence Perimeter Fence
  • Secure Secure
  • Keep your Car Keys Keep your Car Keys


Transfer Duration

5 - 10 min

Transfer Frequency

On demand

Outdoor airport parking opportunity in a fenced perimeter, providing free airport transfer, capable of providing transfer for up to 8 passengers at a time. You can keep your vehicles key with you. Online payment is required for booking.

Ferihegy Parkoló Airport Parking is only 5-10 minutes away from the airport, depending on traffic. The free, on demand shuttle makes your travel convenient, since you don't have to stick to a timetable. Once you arrive at the car park and arrange the handover of the car, you can head to the airport immediately.

The car park is secure: it is surrounded by a stone fence and an industrial fence, the entrance is guarded with a barrier, and the round the clock presence of staff and CCTV system ensures your peace of mind. With these measures you have no need to worry about your car while you are away.

Getting to the car park:

Once you arrive at the car park staff will be waiting for you. During the handover process they will record details, in accordance with regulations, which takes a maximum of 10 minutes. As part of this procedure you will receive a parking receipt from them, which is proof that you are the owner of the car. Please keep this parking receipt safe due to the fact that the car park is not able to take any responsibility based on the loss of this receipt. After this, staff will help with your luggage, and transfer you to the airport. Please choose the time of arrival at the car park carefully, to allow sufficient time to complete the administration and any other chosen services. You are advised to arrive at the car park 30 minutes before you need to be at the airport.

On return:

Once your plane has landed, and you reclaimed your luggage, please call the car park, so they can send the shuttle bus for you. The bus takes you back to the car park, where the staff will help you with your luggage, and after you have taken your car back, you can continue your journey. For a quicker process please have your parking card ready.

Other Information:

If you happen to be late arriving at the car park, and you do not have time to get to the airport, don't panic. Go directly to the airport, and call the car park, and staff will take your car from you at the airport, and they will drive it to the car park.

Car park map

What our customers say about parking at Ferihegy Parkolo Budapest Airport.

Rated 4.6 out of 5 based on 165 reviews from customers that booked at Ferihegy Parkolo Budapest Airport with us.

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