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Park N Depart – Uncovered

Park N Depart takes responsibility for the care of your car in a secure and uncovered parking facilities. Along with the friendly service, they offer a free shuttle service to and from Wellington Airport 24/7, 365 days a year.


Upon arrival at the car park, please go to the entrance with your booking voucher. Your luggage will be loaded into the shuttle bus that will be waiting to transfer you to the Departure Terminal.

On your return, once you have retrieved your luggage, please contact the number provided in your booking voucher and confirm your arrival. The shuttle bus will then come and pick you up at the Terminal exit to drive you back to your vehicle.


You will receive a booking voucher containing the car park's address and telephone number, along with any relevant instructions and directions, upon confirming your reservation. To view the location of the car park, please see the map on the website.


  • Barrier EntryBarrier Entry
  • 24 Hour24 Hour
  • Insured Car ParkInsured Car Park
  • Shuttle busShuttle bus
  • Alarm SystemAlarm System


5 minutes

Customer Reviews

29 December 2019

was very ill and trip cancelled. Was concentrating on getting better Money not refunded. will not use service in future and will tell friends about unsatisfactory service re this.

1 / 5
29 November 2019

The transfer coming back had a small problem in that the van did not explicitly give the name I expected, and had Jetstar advertising so to start with I thought it was a competitor.

5 / 5
18 November 2019

1 / 5
15 November 2019

1 / 5
12 November 2019

I had prepaid and when leaving I couldn’t get out of the car park until I paid another 75 dollars on my Visa. Is there a way to have this credited to my Via. Who do I contact? Joy Kemp

4 / 5
06 November 2019

We were a little confused with the pickup to our car. Mistakenly went to the lower level of airport and had to be redirected.

4 / 5
04 November 2019

5 / 5
04 November 2019

Thanks--Great service/worry free

5 / 5
02 November 2019

Im pretty sure someone took our car to the beach, has sand and bugs inside and we never take our car to the beach. Not impressed!

3 / 5
C.H E.
30 October 2019

5 / 5
22 October 2019

I'm not sure you want my comments I'm an elderly pensioner saved up to go visit family paid $ for long term parking got special grab a seat fares unfortunately for me my car doesn't have anything to tell me where to drive I drove to airport parked in long term & off I went for a few days came back on Mobday morning got shuttle to long term & tried to get out. After a while rang your number explained the situation didn't realize I wasnt talking to whoever runs the parking at the airport but whoever had answered the phone after me trying to explain I couldn't get out said I was in the wrong park by this time really upset I asked if I could get my online payment refunded as I now had to pay a fee to the carpark I was in he said no I hadn't turned up on the Friday so lost my money It was all very confusing didn't even know there was another longterm car parking out of the airport

1 / 5
19 October 2019

Thanks guys! Magic!

5 / 5
17 October 2019

WARNING If you are going to use this service be very careful.because if you make a mistake they are very happy to take your money and hide behind their regulations. I made a mistake and it cost me $90. I did request a refund but they, very self-righteously, informed me that I hadn't followed the instructions in the fine print. True, but not not very customer-focused. Not again, for me.

1 / 5
14 October 2019

Very helpful and was impressed about the quick service when I rang for the shuttle to pick me up at the airport. Would definitely use them again.

5 / 5
10 October 2019

We found the place to be way further away than we thought. It was a shock because we thought we had paid to park within the airport parameters. Communication wasn’t high so it felt a bit dodgy. Car was as we left it though so it was all good. I will be sure to check the website more closely next time though as the distance was just too far.

2 / 5
07 October 2019

terrible experience, lack of information, didnt receive email with parking details, missed my flight, waiting....and then ended up parking in normal airport car park and incurred a huge bill. Would not reccomend this service to anyone. Tried to get some support afterwards, but got fobbed off between people, and then the business took no responsibility, have not had any contact from them since.

1 / 5
06 October 2019

4 / 5
30 September 2019

When I first arrived, I wasn't sure where to park, or where the office wā, it wasn't particularly clear to me. Once Raj arrived, in 10 minutes, all was well!

5 / 5
27 September 2019

4 / 5
25 September 2019

5 / 5
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