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Tenerife North Airport Parking

Number of Car Parks Best Priced per day Best Rated Car Park Closest Car Park
2 Parking Larga Estancia AENA Tenerife North Airport


Parking General P1 AENA Tenerife North Airport
Parking General P1 AENA Tenerife North Airport

0.08 Km

About Tenerife North airport parking

Tenerife North airport parking is reasonably price and secure. ParkVia gives you the option of booking an alternative (Low-cost) parking space for Tenerife's Los Rodeos Airport. The car parks shown on the web page for Tenerife North airport parking are located in the vicinity of the airport and provide either a transfer service between the airport and the car park, or a meet and greet service which allows you to drive straight to the airport, where you can hand over your car and collect it again right in front of the terminal, without having to wait for transfers.

Making a booking for airport parking Tenerife North is simple and straightforward; all you have to do, is input the dates and times when you want to drop off and collect your vehicle and you will be shown the available options for the dates selected, together with the overall price for the period. For more information, you can read the accompanying description of the individual car park which will contain further information about the service.

Due to the large number of passengers using the airport at Tenerife North, ParkVia provides customers with a simple choice to book an alternative, secure low-cost option, with the added convenience and benefits of a VIP meet and greet service.

Set off on your way to Tenerife North airport, secure in the knowledge that you have a parking space guaranteed, and that you will also enjoy an inclusive free transfer to the airport terminal, or will receive the meet and greet service whereby you are met at the terminal on your outbound and inbound journeys by an employee from the car park who will take charge of your vehicle and return it back to you at the terminal itself.

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Parking General P1 AENA Tenerife North Airport
(24 Reviews)
Parking Larga Estancia AENA Tenerife North Airport
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Tenerife North Airport Parking

Tenerife North airport information

Tenerife North Airport is located in the municipality of San Cristóbal de La Laguna. The airport, together with the aerodrome of los Rodeos, is the second ranked of one of two airports serving the island of Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands.

The airport has its origins in a request by the German airline Lufthansa for a service to link the islands with Berlin via Seville.

An Arado aircraft flying in from Seville in 1929 formed the first flight into Tenerife Norte. After it was designated an international airport in 1946, it was opened up to traffic and reclassified as a Customs control point accessible to all types of national and international carriers, making it the major point of entry to Tenerife for tourists.

Following on from a fatal air accident on the runway in 1977, work on the construction of a second airport at Tenerife Sur was intensified, the completion of which led to the North's loss of status as an international airport.

Tenerife Norte airport has enjoyed a resurgence thanks to inter-island flights, particularly from La Palma and Gran Canaria.

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