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About London City Airport Parking

London City airport can be a very busy departure point for travellers, for business and leisure alike. Its location in the city centre and its small size means that space for airport facilities is restricted, which includes parking.

To ensure you get a London City airport parking space, you can pre-book with ParkVia ahead of your journey. You'll be saving valuable time on the day of your departure and your return, knowing that a space at the airport is reserved for you.

Book today! Compare prices are services through a personalised quote for London City airport parking by using the booking form at the top of the page, and once you've chosen fill in the short booking form to confirm your reservation.

Choose London City airport parking with ParkVia for a great start to your journey.

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London City Airport Information

London City Airport

London City airport is located right in the heart of London, near the boroughs of City of London and Canary Warf. Due to its location near these two financial centres, the airport attracts a lot of business travellers. Per year it serves several million passengers, reaching over 3.3 million in 2013.

The aircraft that can use London City airport are limited due to the city-central location of the airport and the size of the runway. London City is the smallest of all the airports serving the London area. Destinations available from the gateway include cities around Europe but also some more tourism orientated destinations such as Palm de Mallorca, Malaga, Nice and Mykonos.

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