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Larga Estancia AENA Barcelona Airport

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  • Anti-Covid Measures Anti-Covid Measures
  • Insured Car Park Insured Car Park
  • Shuttle bus Shuttle bus
  • Barrier Entry Barrier Entry
  • Free Transfers Free Transfers
  • 24 Hour 24 Hour
  • Disabled Parking Disabled Parking
  • No Pre-Payment No Pre-Payment
  • Perimeter Fence Perimeter Fence
  • Secure Secure


Transfer Duration

3 - 5 min

Transfer Frequency

20 min

Larga Estancia AENA Barcelona Airport. is the official car park of Barcelonas El Prat Airport. Located just 2 kilometres from Terminal 1, the longterm car park has 500 parking spaces and is linked to both terminals by a shuttle bus service. The car park provides a 24 hour service to the public and is under constant surveillance. There is no need to leave your car keys.



On entering the car park

      * Take a ticket as you enter the car park. *


      Please, wait in front of the barrier until the Automatic Number Plate Recognition recognises your vehicle and a ticket will be issued automatically.


      If you press the button, the ATM will charge you the normal price and not the reservation price. * Proceed into the car park and park your car in any available parking space. * Make your way to the bus stop.

On your return:

      * Make your way to the car park bus stop serving the Arrivals terminal where you are. At Terminal 2, the stop is located between Terminals 2B and 2C alongside the Technical Building. At Terminal 1, it is in parking area G (the stop for Hotel shuttle buses). * Once you are at the bus stop, if the bus is not there, push the intercom button on the signpost indicating the Long Stay Car Park (Aparcamiento de Larga Estancia) to connect you with the car park, and you should be picked up within a few minutes. * When you get back to the car park, you need to go to the ATMs to make the payment. If you have any problems, please use the Customer Service integrated in the ATMs. Amount calculated based on the stay booked. If the real stay of the vehicle is different, this amount may vary. .

The 5 digit alphanumeric code in the top right corner of your voucher may be required by AENA staff in order to manage the arrivals and departures to and from the car park.Access to terminals

      T1 distance by bus: 3 min Service frequency: every 20 minutes T2 distance by bus: 5 min Service frequency: every 20 minutes

It is NOT necessary to leave your car keys with the car park staff.Height restriction:

    3 metres.

Car park map

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