Short Stay Weekender- Aberdeen Airport

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Short Stay Weekender- Aberdeen Airport

The short stay car park is a convenient parking option for travellers who prefer an easy access to the terminal. Conveniently located opposite the main terminal, within walking distance, no need for buses or transfers.

On your departure: drive up to the barrier, your number plate will be read and ticket showing a booking reference will be issued. press the call button for assistance if required. On your return: Exit procedure drive to exit barrier and reinsert entrance ticket. press call button on barrier if you require assistance.


You will receive a booking voucher containing the car park's address and telephone number, along with any relevant instructions and directions, upon confirming your reservation. To view the location of the car park, please see the map on the website.


  • Barrier EntryBarrier Entry
  • ConcretedConcreted
  • Keep your Car KeysKeep your Car Keys
  • Perimeter FencePerimeter Fence
  • Well LitWell Lit
  • TarmacedTarmaced


1 - 2 min walk

Customer Reviews

12 March 2019

Absolutely no problems until it came to leaving the car park. I have used Parkcloud twice to park at Aberdeen. On both occasions using different cars I was asked to pay by the machine before I could get out. I was stuck at the checkout and had to contact the parking staff and prove that I had booked in that carpark. Luckily I had kept the paperwork which I printed off. On the both occasions it was very inconvenient and particularly on the second occasion I was delayed for over 10 minutes leaving the car park before the staff were satisfied that I had booked parking. Apparently they had no recard of my having booked and had to contact parkcloud.. I was not satisfied! They are okay

4 / 5
05 December 2018

Sadly on exit from the carpark the barrier machine told me I still had to pay £198!! As you could imagine I was so shocked at this but thankfully I had printed off my email and the staff sorted this out, it could have been very frustrating for other drivers as I had to reverse and park up to sort it out. I hope this was a one off. I was very disappointed about what happened

4 / 5
12 June 2018

Web page is misleading the customer, book flight from Lutton, and mislead me to book parking at Aberdeen.

1 / 5
10 April 2018

It wasn't clear enough that I need to go to multi story car park on my confirmation and the staff wasn't helpful enough in order to find it. When going out machine didn't recognise my booking and outstanding balance has showed on the screen. When I called it was difficult to find my booking and at the end I wasn't sure that they found it. Eventually I haven't payed extra. Thank you.

3 / 5
02 April 2018

5 / 5
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