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Steps to reserve Parking

All our car parks have anti-covid measures
    1. Type in where you want to park. Some suggestion will be preloaded. Either select one or keep typing.
    2. Now enter the dates and approximate times for leaving and picking up your vehicle, then clcik the button to search to see whats available. (you can always go back to adjust the times).
    3. A list will now appear showing available car parks and the price of parking for the dates you entered. Click for more information on each option or to see the features and services offered in detail, read reviews from previous customers and look at photos, as well as a map indicating the location of the car park.
    4. Once you have decided which car park suits you, just click "Book" to make a reservation.
    5. You will now proceed to the booking form which you should fill in with the information requested. You'll need to give some basic details, such as your mobile telephone number and email address, along with your vehicle's registration number and sometimes, if you are looking for airport parking, flight/terminal details.
    6. If you have any questions about the checkout process please consult our FAQ pages or contact us, or if you want to know more about the car park, go back to the previous page and read the car park details.
    7. Finally, once you have completed the form you should click 'Confirm Booking'. You may be required to make a payment to complete the booking or you may pay at the car park on the day of arrival or departure. This depends on many factors, but it will be clear what is required at the time of booking.. Our online payment system is safe and secure and we do not store your bank details.
    8. Once your booking is complete, you will see a confirmation page: there is no need to print this as you will receive your booking voucher via email.
    9. Your email confirmation will contain the car park's address and telephone number, other specific car park details, along with terms conditions and usually a map attachment. It is a good idea to print your booking voucher and take it with you or have an electronic version of it as it contains important information, and you may need to present it to the car park staff on arrival depending on the car park you have choosen.

If you have any questions about the booking process, we provide comprehensive information within our FAQ pages.