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ParkVia Just You

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ParkVia Just You

  • Own or manage a car park and want to increase access to your spaces?
  • Looking to add online booking to your own website?
  • Need a website with online booking system to increase exposure?

We create an online booking system for your existing website, or develop a website to host your pre-booking, all focused on creating bookings JUST for YOU.

How does it work?

  • A quick and easy-to-use booking form is integrated into your existing website. We will create the booking engine using your logo, colour scheme and branding.
  • When visiting your website, customers will have the opportunity to make an online booking for your services. You’re notified immediately each time this happens.
  • Optimise your sales: up-and cross-sell products through your new pre-booking platform.
  • A one page booking form has be to filled out by the customers, where you can request the information you need. An optional secure online payment step can be added.

What it offers you

  • JUST YOU – unique customer experience with your branding used throughout the entire booking process
  • INCREASED EXPOSURE – expose your services/brand name even more throughout the internet
  • EASY INTEGRATION – HTML code to insert the booking engine onto your website
  • BOOKING MANAGEMENT – a personal account on our management system to stay on top of all your reservations and access valuable customer data
  • KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS – access to customer data and trends through information from advance bookings
  • ADVANCE PLANNING – allow customers to organise their travel plans in advance through your website
  • NO UP-FRONT COSTS! ParkVia Just You works by commission only – no development fees, no integration fees and no maintenance fees!

If you're interested in learning more about our booking engine or web design services, get in touch with our team today, by writing to us at sales.management@parkcloud.com