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  1. Need help with an existing booking?
    • How do I access my booking details online?

      When you make your booking, the parking details are recorded and are accessible through our website by using the Manage My Booking portal. You will need to have some specific details to find your booking, from there you will be able to review and amend the bookings details, plus many other features to help you manage your situation. Just visit Manage My Booking and provide the requested information from there you will have access to the Portal.

    • How do I make changes to an existing booking?

      The best way to change your booking is to do it online. Once you have accessed the details you can use the options available to:

      • Amend the dates and times of your booking to increase or decrease the duration of your stay
      • Change the number of passengers travelling or the vehicle details parking
      • Change the type of parking - eg. if you've decided you want to park in an under-cover parking space instead of an outdoor one, or vice versa fersion after having made changes.

      Modifying your booking may increase or decrease the price of parking/services, and this will be automatically updated when the new information is inputted and confirmed. An increase in price may require you to pay a little more deposit in order to validate the modification, whilst a decrease in price will normally mean an automatic refund onto the card which you used when you made the booking. If you did not pay anything upfront, the price change will simply modify the amount owed when you arrive at the car park. ParkVia does not charge any amendment fees. This is a free service.

      It may be possible that the changes you want to make to your booking are not permitted online. This means that the car park cannot accommodate what you have requested and could be for a number of reasons. These could include:

      • The car park capacity is full and no further bookings can be taken during all or part of the time you have already booked for. Most car parks accommodate for this and have an overflow allowance. It is best to contact the carpark when this happens.
      • You may be trying to enter arrival or departure times outside of the car parks opening hours.
      • You may be asking the car park to accommodate more people than the shuttle buses can transport.
      • You may be too close to the arrival time as with some car parks, they require a notification period.

      If you are not able to amend your booking, it could be for any of these reasons or the parking product you reserved does not allow amendments. In this situation, you are advised to either contact the car park directly, or look for an alternative through our website where possible. All terms and conditions and our cancellation policy will apply.

  2. How do I cancel a booking?

    You must make all cancellation requests through the Manage My Booking facility on the website. Cancellations requested verbally or directly to a car park, may not be actioned. When done online your request is actioned automatically and the cancellation notice period (defined as the time between your vehicle drop-off date/time and the time ParkVia is aware of your cancellation) is calculated from when the cancellation request is made in Manage My Booking. Cancellation notice period varies depending on the product you booked but predominantly it is:

    • More than 24 hours before the vehicle drop-off date/time: Full refund
    • 24 hours or less before the vehicle drop-off date/time: No refund

    Please note that these common situations will not be refunded:

    • Onward travel changes (including cancelled flights, cruises, train travel, etc.): No Refund. It is your responsibility to be informed of onward travel changes and to adjust your timetable accordingly, informing ParkVia of any relevant changes. ParkVia cannot be held responsible if your onward travel changes (e.g. your flight, cruise or train is cancelled) and you will not be entitled to a refund.
    • Missed shuttle bus: No Refund. Some of our car parks offer shuttle bus services as well as parking services, such as parking at car parks at or around an airport. Shuttle bus timetables, if applicable, are available on our website as well as on booking vouchers, it is your responsibility to be aware of shuttle bus operating hours and any scheduled times.
    • In the event of parking at another car park due to late arrival: No Refund
    • In the event of parking at another car park due to not finding the booked car park: No Refund. Directions are included in booking voucher and are readily available online with your booking details if you lose your booking voucher. It is your responsibility to ensure you have your booking voucher and/or direction details with you when you travel. You will also have a direct phone number for the car park.
    • Lack of booking voucher: No Refund. Booking vouchers are sent out automatically by email. It is your responsibility to contact ParkVia to ensure you obtain the relevant details should your booking voucher fail to be delivered.
    • Unused parking days: No refund is available for unused or part stays.

    ParkVia does not apply any cancellation charges, however a small number of the car park operators do have a cancellation charge. When this is the situation you will be notified of any charge before you cancel. Also some car parks have slightly different refund policies which will be automatically incorporated into the Manage My Account section.

  3. Where is the car park and how do I get there?

    The precise address of the car park will be provided via email with your booking voucher once your booking is confirmed, along with a direct phone number and GPS coordinates. ParkVia is a booking agency and we cannot provide details on how to get to a car park until you have made a booking through us. However, you can access a map to see the approximate whereabouts of the car park when making a reservation. You will also be able to access a map to compare car park locations for a particular location you wish to park at or close to.

  4. How do I get to and from the airport/port/station?

    Many of the car park locations we offer are based at airports, train stations, ports or similar locations. Along with the parking service, a transfer may be included. For example, at an airport a shuttle bus may be supplied to drop you and your luggage to the airport terminal. A transfer service is dependent on each individual car park. Some of the options are:

    • Shuttle transfer to and from the airport/port
    • Meet & Greet service at the airport/port (Valet parking)

    Please note that some car parks may offer one of the above services or both; sometimes at the same price and sometimes with an extra charge. The shuttle bus transfer is normally included in the price but, if there are any additional costs for transfers, the price will be calculated automatically when you choose your transfer option on the booking form (if there is a choice). Some car parks may not provide a transfer in which case your options would be:

    • Public transport
    • No transfer as the location it is servicing is within walking distance or it is not needed for the type of parking you require.

    Detailed instructions for a transfer service operated by each car park will be provided during the booking process and also with your booking voucher when it is offered. For airport parking, depending on the transfer type offered, in general you should follow the following guidelines:

    • Shuttle Service:
      You should go straight to the car park, park your car, and then the shuttle bus will take you to the airport/port. Please check if there is a timetable or if the shuttle bus operates 'on demand', in which case you will just need to provide your estimated arrival time at the car park and keep the operator informed of any changes. You should keep your booking voucher with you for the return so that you have the shuttle bus timetable (if applicable). However, many car parks require you to just call them once you have collected your luggage in order to send the shuttle bus to pick you up.
    • Meet & Greet:
      Meet & Greet is becoming more and more popular as a way of getting to the airport/port and some car parks actually operate this transfer service exclusively. You will need to provide times for the driver to meet you at the airport/port and you will be sent the phone number for the driver with your booking confirmation via email. You will normally need to call 15-20 minutes before you get to the meeting point to confirm your vehicle drop-off, and then again once you have picked up your luggage to have your vehicle brought back to you.

    With regards to the transfer, you should always check your email booking confirmation as this will always contain up-to-date instructions relevant to the car park you have booked.

  5. When will I receive my booking confirmation?

    Your booking will be confirmed as soon as you fill in the booking form and click 'Confirm Booking' except for where car parks require a payment in advance. In this case your booking will be confirmed as soon as the payment is complete and we have been notified. Normally this is a matter of seconds depending on the payment method you have used. The email will contain booking confirmation with the car park's address, phone number and necessary information for you to use the service. In some cases, the car park operator may also send you another confirmation to confirm the details but this is only a precautionary step and for most car parks, you will only receive our booking voucher.

    What to do if you do not receive booking confirmation?

    There could be a number of reasons why you don't receive confirmation:

    • Your booking is incomplete: it may be that you need to make a payment in order to confirm your booking. In this case, please review the webpage and follow any instructions or steps provided to complete your booking.
    • You entered your email address incorrectly: you can check and change these details by using the Manage My Booking screen on our website. If you have an issue logging in, please email us at customer.service@parkvia.com. The email may have been blocked by spam filters so please check your spam/junk folder and filters.
  6. What if I am delayed and am not able to return when originally stated?

    Normally if you are going to arrive significantly later than planned, then you should call the car park operator on the number provided in your booking voucher to inform of what time you expect to arrive. The amount of notice you give depends on the type of parking you have reserved. For instance, if you have reserved airport parking and your flight is delayed, normally the car park operator will know the flight you are on and can accommodate changes. When you are at a gig or doing some shopping in a city centre car park, it would not necessarily be required to contact the operator.

    Whatever the situation the car park operator can charge you for extra time your car is in the car park, however, many car parks will in fact allow for a 'courtesy period' to allow for delays, meaning you will not be charged extra. It is also advised at the time of booking to allow enough time for what it is you are doing. Whether that's leaving a football match or disembarking from your cruise.

  7. Do you wish to make a new booking?
    • Steps to reserve parking?
      1. Type in where you want to park. Some suggestion will be preloaded. Either select one or keep typing.
      2. Now enter the dates and approximate times for leaving and picking up your vehicle, then click the button to search to see what's available. (you can always go back to adjust the times).
      3. A list will now appear showing available car parks and the price of parking for the dates you entered. Click for more information on each option or to see the features and services offered in detail, read reviews from previous customers and look at photos, as well as a map indicating the location of the car park.
      4. Once you have decided which car park suits you, just click "Book" to make a reservation.
      5. You will now proceed to the booking form which you should fill in with the information requested. You'll need to give some basic details, such as your mobile telephone number and email address, along with your vehicle's registration number and sometimes, if you are looking for airport parking, flight/terminal details.
      6. If you have any questions about the checkout process please consult our FAQ pages or contact us, or if you want to know more about the car park, go back to the previous page and read the car park details.
      7. Finally, once you have completed the form you should click 'Confirm Booking'. You may be required to make a payment to complete the booking or you may pay at the car park on the day of arrival or departure. This depends on many factors, but it will be clear what is required at the time of booking. Our online payment system is safe and secure and we do not store your bank details.
      8. Once your booking is complete, you will see a confirmation page: there is no need to print this as you will receive your booking voucher via email.
      9. Your email confirmation will contain the car park's address and telephone number, other specific car park details, along with terms and conditions. It is a good idea to print your booking voucher and take it with you or have an electronic version of it as it contains important information, and you may need to present it to the car park staff on arrival depending on the car park you have choosen.

      If you have any questions about the booking process, we provide comprehensive information within our FAQ pages.

    • There is nothing available for me?

      ParkVia looks to offer you reserved spaces in the right places with a wide range of parking options in multiple locations for airport and city centre, and at sporting occasions, concerts and gigs to any other occasion where you may need parking.

      We strive to make sure the right options are available to you when you need them. Occasionally however, it may be that the option for you is not available. This could be down to a number of reasons ranging from, it being full, to time between booking online and arriving is too short or that we currently do not have options at this place. When this happens it will clearly state on our website that there is no option available. We are not able to provide extra spaces and all availability we have is fed into our system so it is viewable on our website.

      When this happens, we advise to choose another option at this location. When there is no other option available, I’m afraid we cannot help any further at this time. However, we do monitor these situations and identify it to increase our parking options at this location, so that the next time you need it, we have added it to our options. If you are trying to amend or extend your booking and this happens, you need to contact the car park directly to see if they can accommodate your request.

    • Want to know more about an individual car park or service?

      Should link to same page as the question 'Are you looking for information about a car park, ParkVia or details of a particular service?`

    • How can I pay?

      Each car park listed on ParkVia has their payment at a specific time/s and this will be shown on the booking form. Therefore, depending on the car park you have selected, you will be asked to pay in one of the following ways:

      Payment at car park

      You do not need to make any payment to validate your reservation; simply fill out your booking form and pay when you get to the car park (usually upon arrival). Payment methods accepted by the car park will be indicated on your booking voucher.

      Deposit Payment

      When booking, you will be asked to pay a part of the total amount due as a deposit to secure your parking space.This will be asked of you after you have filled in the booking form, once you click 'Continue'. The remaining amount will be due usually upon your arrival at the car park, but in some cases it may not be required until your departure from the car park. Details about how to pay the remaining amount will be included in your booking confirmation.

      Full Payment

      In this case, the total amount due for your parking stay will be requested in full when booking. This means that when you arrive at the car park there is nothing left to pay.

      How do I pay online?

      The process is quick and easy. ParkVia try to offer many options to allow people to utilise the many different methods of payments now available. These are made available where appropriate and possible. They include:

      • VISA
      • Debit
      • Visa Electron
      • Visa Pay
      • MasterCard
      • American Express
      • Maestro
      • Diners Club International card
      • Google Checkout
      • PayPal
      • Cartasi
      • Neteller
      • Bank transfer
      • IDEAL
      • Bradesco
      • Banco di Brazil
      • ITAU

      Most payments are processed on our website. However we try to offer as broad a range of payments types as possible. Some payment providers required a customer to be redirected to their website. If this happens, please do not worry. Any payment merchant we work with, we ensure they comply with the highest security standards and protocols. Some payment merchants we use where this could happen is Paypal, Skrill,Neteller, Paysera or Paysafe.

    • Is it safe to pay online?

      ParkVia uses the same 128-bit SSL encryption technology used by banks and major online merchants. At any stage when on the website, any information you enter is encrypted with this technology. We do not store your card details; they are used only to process your deposit/payment and we adhere to and meet PCI compliancy level 2 (https://www.pcicomplianceguide.org/pci-faqs-2/). We work with many merchant banking and payment providers, such as Paypal and Elavon. We ensure that all merchant banking providers meet the strict PCI levels to maintain the highest level of security of your information. In fact, we beleive reserving parking online is the safest way to make a booking. It is our policy that we will only accept bookings online.

    • What if I want to book for more than one vehicle?

      Each booking is geared around one driver and one vehicle. All pricing and availability is based on this premise. Therefore you are not able to book more than one vehicle at a time.

      To book for more than one vehicle you will need to make each of your bookings separately, one at a time. You can see the steps needed for this on our Steps to reserve parking.

    • What information do I need to make a reservation?

      There are some required fields you need for every booking. This includes your name, the car registration and an email address. Also, when payment is required online, you will need to be able to access one of the payment methods used.

      Along with this required information, a car park may request more information for their systems. In these cases, these will also be displayed as required fields at the time of booking. All other information is not necessary. If you do not have any of the required information and use information that is not correct, then it may be that the car park cannot identify you and you will either not be able to park or will be charged again.

    • How do I compare car parks by distance/rating/price, or filter results?

      With ParkVia, search results are automatically sorted via our unique ranking system “ParkRank” which is tailored to help you find the best parking to meet your needs, taking into account several factors including Price, Distance from Destination and customer reviews and combining them to put the most suitable Parking options at the top of the list.

      If you wish to sort your results manually, you can do so by clicking on the drop down menu located above your search results, labelled “Sorted by” in order to sort your results by preference of price, distance, name, ParkRank.

    • What times should I give for vehicle drop-off and pick up?

      Ideally the time you have reserved for is the time you should arrive and leave the car park. You should check the car park operator's information on the website for any additional advice about arrival / transfer times. Where applicable to your booking and in particular for airport parking, some shuttle bus services operate to a timetable and others operate on demand: you will need to time your arrival at the car park allowing enough time to park your car (usually at least 10 minutes).

      If on the other hand you decided to book a Meet and Greet service at an airport, then just give the time at which you will arrive at the airport for check-in and the time you expect to exit on return. You will normally need to call the driver 15 to 20 minutes before you get to the airport to confirm your arrival, and again when you have flown back, you have picked up your luggage and gone through customs. Then your car will be returned to you at the terminal or pre-determined location. The driver's phone number will be provided with your booking confirmation. If you find you need to amend the times after booking , you can do this simply through Manage My Booking section of our website.

    • Can I park a camper, van, trailer, caravan, or motorbike?

      We always try to give as much information as possible about each operator, including what type of vehicle can be accepted and maximum dimensions. If you cannot find any information contained within the operator page referring to accepted vehicles, try proceeding to the booking form to see whether there is a 'Vehicle Type' option; If the type of vehicle is not listed, we regret the service is not offered.

      If it is not clear whether or not your particular vehicle can be parked, please contact us and we will see if we can offer a solution. Please be prepared to provide the vehicle dimensions (height and length).

    • What is the Meet & Greet service and how does it work?

      Meet and Greet Service is used mainly for airport/port parking. It saves you the time and stress of looking for a car park and taking a shuttle bus, and although often thought of as a luxury, you may in fact find that in some cases it is the cheaper option, or the only form of transfer available. Many car parks on ParkVia offer the Meet and Greet service exclusively, some let you book it at an additional cost, and others even let you choose between meet greet and shuttle service at the same price. Either way, it means that a driver will pick your car up from the airport when you arrive there and return it back to you when you land.

      When booking a parking space with Meet and Greet service through ParkVia, you should enter the vehicle drop off and pick up times at the airport. Therefore, you should usually indicate 2-3 hours before your flight departure, and then 20-60 minutes after your flight is due to land on return- however much time you think you will need to get through passport controls and pick up your luggage.

      If your return flight or ship disembarkation is delayed you will just need to call the driver once you land. The car park will usually have asked you to provide your flight details in order to monitor delays. Most car parks are open 24/7 so you don't need to worry about getting stuck at the airport, however please check with individual operators. You will be sent the phone number for the driver with your booking confirmation via email. You will normally need to call 15-20 minutes before you get to the airport/port/station to confirm your vehicle drop-off time, and then again once you have picked up your luggage to have your vehicle brought back to you. You should check your email booking confirmation as this will always contain up-to-date instructions relevant to the car park you have booked.

      Is it safe?

      Drivers will always have the necessary insurance to drive your car and to cover in case anything goes wrong. In order to identify the driver: he/she will have a copy of your booking voucher, and may also wear a uniform with the operator logo of the car park. If in doubt, you can always contact the car park on the number provided to check the identity of the driver sent to pick up your vehicle.

      Please note: You may sometimes see the Meet Greet service referred to as ‘Valet parking’, not to be confused with a car wash!

    • Can I reserve a parking space for several weeks or months?

      If you are going away for a very long period of time (3 months or longer) or need access to a parking space on a regular basis, ParkVia cannot help with this booking.

    • How do I know the car park staff will speak English?

      For car parks outside of English speaking countries, we cannot guarantee that there will be somebody available at the car parks to speak your language. This is why we provide all information in English on ParkVia, as well as in various other languages on our other websites.

    • More information

      For more information please contact us. For contact details please click here

  8. Are you looking for information about a car park or details of a particular service?
    • Want to know the nearest car park to you or a specific destination?

      Check out the interactive map during the booking process with a list of car parks for you to choose from. You can also tick the “Use Current Location” box to allow location services to search for parking near you!

    • Can I contact a specific car park for information?

      Once a booking has been completed the contact details for the relevant car park will be sent to you via email. Unfortunately, we cannot provide contact details for car parks until a booking is made. You can find all relevant information for the car parks on the website; When you click on the car park you are interested in, a pop up will open up detailing the features along with additional information about that specific car park. If a certain product or service is not mentioned in the information provided, we regret said service is not available at the car park.

    • Want to know about the services that a specific car park provides?

      You can complete a search for a car park and click on the “more Information” button for additional information on your chosen car park. Our results page includes information such as approximate distance, transfer duration and customer reviews. There are different filters and criteria you can use as well.

    • How do I get pricing information?

      Enter a search for where you want to park at and the dates you are looking for. A results page will be displayed with various carparks and the cost of parking for the time you have specified. Please note prices may vary depending on when you book.

      Pricing is driven off many different parameters and options. These can include the time in advance you are booking, what availability is left at a car park, the time of year or day and many other factors. Due to the prices being driven from so many factors, it is not possible to individually discuss the prices for any given parking.

    • Do I need to book in advance or can I go straight to the car park?

      Once you have made your booking through ParkVia, you have a reserved parking space and there is little risk of the car park being full. ParkVia is a booking agency and we cannot provide exact location details of any car park until you have made a booking through us. We do only list reliable, secure car parks with professional staff.

      Many car parks require you to book at least 24 hours in advance so that they have time to organize staff and, where apprpriate, airport transfers.

    • How do I know the car park staff will speak English?

      For car parks outside of English speaking countries, we cannot guarantee that there will be somebody available at the car parks to speak your language. This is why we provide all information in English on ParkVia, as well as in various other languages on our other websites.

    • Where is the car park and how do I get there?

      The precise address of the car park will be provided via email with your booking voucher once your booking is confirmed, along with any appropriate information. ParkVia is a booking agency and we cannot provide details on how to get to a car park until you have made a booking through us. However, from the info for a car park shown on the website, you can view a map to see the approximate whereabouts of the car park, as well as the distance and transfer time from where you want to go to (where appropriate). You will also be able to access a map to compare car park for a particular location.

  9. Want to promote your car park with us?
  10. How do I become an affiliate?
  11. Do you want to sell parking spaces on your own website?
  12. Do you want to offer parking to your customers?