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Why Airport Parking Is the Better Option to Ride Sharing

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Friday, November 10, 2023

Why Airport Parking Is the Better Option to Ride Sharing

Whether travelling for work or pleasure, we all want maximum convenience, coupled with the confidence that we’re getting the best available price for the journey.

This includes not only ensuring that you get a fair price for your plane ticket, but also keeping costs down when travelling to and from the airport. A key decision to make is whether to drive to the airport yourself and pay for parking or whether to rely on public transportation or ride sharing instead.

Nothing beats the convenience of travelling by car, especially with a group or with luggage, but when should you take the wheel yourself or opt for outsourcing to avoid parking charges?

While airport parking may seem costly, with ParkVia simple-to-use booking system you can find the best deals at the lowest prices, and in many cases our options are much cheaper than if you were to pay for a rideshare service.

Let's explore the cost-effectiveness of driving your own car and parking with ParkVia compared to opting for a rideshare, using the example of a journey from Cuddington, Cheshire to Manchester Airport - approximately 22.5 miles away making it a 45-mile journey altogether.

If you choose a rideshare, the cost for a one-way trip would be approximately £31.99, and you'd have to pay a similar amount for the return journey. Keep in mind that this cost doesn't include potential booking fees and VAT.

Now, let's consider booking airport parking with ParkVia at Manchester Airport. During the winter season, a week's stay could cost you as low as £45.

Factoring in the average fuel rates in the UK:

  • 1400cc or less – 14p
  • 1401cc to 1700cc – 17p
  • 2000cc – 26p

Driving a 1400cc car to the airport for pre-booked online parking with us would cost only £6.30 for the round trip (calculated as 0.14 * 45 miles).

So, the total cost for driving to the airport and parking with ParkVia would be £6.30 + £45 = £51.30. This is £12.68 less than the estimated cost of a rideshare, and it doesn't even include potential additional fees or tips to the driver. Choosing parking with ParkVia not only provides a more affordable option but also the convenience of having total control over your journey.

A 2019 survey by Statista showed that in the UK, 25% of travellers live 10 miles or less from the airport, and if this applies to you then depending on local provision it may be more affordable to rideshare due to the short distance. For the 75% of travellers who live over 10 miles away it, and especially for the 30% who live over 30 miles away, with affordable airport parking available this will nearly always be the more cost-effective option.

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that these calculations are only estimates and we recommend travellers work out the differences of using their vehicles for journeys.

Beyond saving money, driving your own car is simply more enjoyable than the alternatives!

Enjoy travel in your own comfort:

It’s only human to want the environment around us to be how we like it. After the unfamiliarity of a new city or country, it’s always nice to step into the comfort of your own car after leaving the busy airport – with the seat adjusted exactly the way you like it and the temperature on the perfect setting, the feeling is incomparable!

Ensure a relaxing return journey:

You won't need to worry about conversing with others in the vehicle and you can control the audio environment at your own pace. When you arrive back from your holiday, it’s always preferable to avoid the efforts of arranging another rideshare to get home. Rideshare options at many airports collect and drop off in inconvenient locations or charge a significant premium, so this is also an important consideration.


In simple terms, ParkVia offers an affordable way for travellers to conveniently access the airport and park with full confidence of their vehicle's security. No more worrying about delays or feeling rushed while waiting for a rideshare. Returning from your trip, finding solace in the familiar driver's seat of your own car is the straightforward antidote to post-travel blues.