February 2015 Articles

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Choose Meet & Greet Parking At Rotterdam Airport
25 February 2015

Flying from Rotterdam Airport soon and need parking? Now you can pre-book Meet & Greet parking online for Rotterdam Airport, simply by visiting the ParkVia website.

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Do I Have To Leave My Keys At The Car Park?
17 February 2015

At ParkVia, we understand that it when it comes to parking your car, safety and security are paramount. We also understand how concerned you might feel when a car park requires you to leave your car keys with them as you continue on your journey.

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Find Your Perfect Parking Match This Valentine's Day
10 February 2015

With January now out of the way, February's next, and that can only mean one thing – Valentine's Day is coming!

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So… where am I parking again?
03 February 2015

The day has finally arrived. With your holidays booked months ago, you've packed your bags, loaded up the car and now you're ready to hit the road.

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