Parcare in Otopeni Bucharest Airport

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Parcare in Otopeni Bucharest Airport

Parcare in Otopeni is a car park that offers great services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Airport transfers are provided on demand and they are FREE of charge.

Book online free and pay the amount at the car park!


Parcare in Otopeni offers private airport parking for passengers departing from Bucharest Otopeni International Airport. The car park is located in a quiet area of Otopeni city, just a few minutes from the airport. Its ideal location ensures that when you travel, your car is safe and secure.

    Car park facilities:
  • 24 hour safe and secure car park
  • FREE Airport Transfers
  • Staff permanently on duty
  • Transfers are provided day and night, regardless of the arrival/departure time

The car park provides FREE Airport Transfers, on demand, meaning that you don't have to stick to a fixed schedule. Whenever you arrive, the friendly staff are always ready to transfer you to the airport. The shuttle service operates 24 hour a day, even throughout the night. It is very important to exactly specify the number of passengers so that the car park will be able to plan the transfer accordingly.

A booking is highly recommended because the car park has limited number of spaces. Moreover, this will also automatically inform the car park about your arrival so they will be fully prepared to take you to the airport immediately.

Car park procedure:

As soon as you make a booking, you will automatically receive by e-mail your booking voucher, the car park's telephone number, GPS coordinates and complete route directions about how to get to the car park.

On the day of departure, please drive directly to the car park. The car park will already know about your booking and will be expecting you. As soon as you park your car in the indicated space, you will be immediately transfered to the airport terminal. The duration of the transfer is approximately 5 minutes.

When you get back, please call the car park as soon as you collect your baggage from the airport. In just a few minutes, someone will be sent to collect you from the airport and drive you back to your car.

Booking is simple and easy

  • Please indicate the dates and time when you would like to reserve your parking.
  • Just click "Check Availability" to receive an instant price quote.
  • As soon as you are satisfied with the price, just click "Book" and complete the booking form.
  • In just a matter of minutes, your parking space is secured!


You will receive a booking voucher containing the car park's address and telephone number, along with any relevant instructions and directions, upon confirming your reservation. To view the location of the car park, please see the map on the website.


  • Free TransfersFree Transfers
  • Individual TransfersIndividual Transfers
  • Well LitWell Lit
  • Hotel room/Overnight stayHotel room/Overnight stay
  • ToiletToilet
  • SecureSecure
  • Barrier EntryBarrier Entry
  • 24 Hour24 Hour


5 min

Parcare Otopeni Parcare Otopeni

Customer Reviews

20 October 2016


5 / 5
18 October 2016

There was no eaisy to find the parking spot.

4 / 5
16 October 2016

The service was excelent

5 / 5
11 October 2016

I am satisfated!It's very useful to use the parking than the bus.It's the cheapest way to go to Romania.Thanks a lot.

5 / 5
07 October 2016

Everything was superb! Only one thing- don't know very well english!

5 / 5
30 September 2016

Всичко беше така, както е описано в сайта. Нямам никакви оплаквания, само благодарности.Ще се възползвам отново от услугите им.

5 / 5
30 September 2016


5 / 5
29 September 2016

Само имам съвет,но не знам към кой трябва да бъде отправен,дали към Вас или към самия паркинг. При обяснението къде се намира паркинга се посочва,че е непосредствено преди Ферари,но всъщност се намира непосредствено преди бившо Ферари,сградата дори не е обозначена, че някога е била Ферари.Възможно е някой,както нас да се обърка и да трябва да върти по магистралата,за да обърне.Съветът ми е поне това да се поправи в упътването.Благодаря! Всичко останало беше наред.

5 / 5
27 September 2016

Всичко беше отлично и точно организирано.Упътвания,адрес,навигация,коректност - просто перфектно.Често летя от София и от Отопени - много съм доволен.Ще препоръчам сайта и на приятели.

5 / 5
26 September 2016

Всичко беше наред единствено в Уеб-сайт-a не е актуализирана информацията,че салона на Ferrari не съществува в момента.

5 / 5
25 September 2016

Great service and most importantly good communication and fast service. Thank you.

5 / 5
25 September 2016

Общо взето съм доволен. Оставят те на "Заминаващи" и те вземат пак от там !?! Момчето, което кара бусчето знае САМО румънски. Иначе бързо те карат и те връщат, колата ти я пазят. За 7 дни - 30 евро. Ако се налага пак ще се ползва.

5 / 5
21 September 2016

Everything was just perfect, thank you very much! Regards to the stuff.

5 / 5
19 September 2016

Изключително удобно, отзивчиви и бързи служители. Ще използваме отново услугите им и ще ги препоръчаме.

5 / 5
19 September 2016

Everythink was fast and friendly 6+

5 / 5
15 September 2016

Everiting was perfect. We will be back. Thank you

5 / 5
12 September 2016

Great place to park and good service drop off and pick up

5 / 5
12 September 2016

За втори път ползвам услугите Ви. Изключително доволни сме от тях

5 / 5
Constantin Florin
10 September 2016

Excelent serviciu. Totul notat . Bravo

5 / 5
10 September 2016

Foarte multumita.

5 / 5