Girona Airport Parking

Abholdatum des Fahrzeugs


  • Parking close to the terminal
  • Parking operating 24 hours
  • Free shuttle service
  • Optional under cover parking
  • Reduced prices

About Girona airport parking

With ParkVia, you will find the best place to park your car at Girona airport. You can either park your car in an on-site car park at Girona airport or at off-site car parks located just minutes away.

The Parking General P1 is the official car park for Girona airport. It is located a few meters away from the terminal, which can be reached easily by foot.

As an alternative to the on-site Girona airport parking, ParkVia offers parking in off-site car parks at lower prices. All car parks offer a free shuttle service from the parking to the terminal. You can also walk directly to the terminal should you wish.

The rates, we offer for parking at Girona airport, are always the cheapest, regardless whether you are parking long stay or short stay. In addition, all car parks are monitored and feature high safety standards.

How do I book my parking in Girona airport?

To book your parking in Girona, you only have to indicate the date and time of vehicle delivery and pickup in the search box that appears on the top part of this page. After selecting the car park that best suits your needs, you will receive a confirmation immediately to your email address.

Book your parking space at Girona airport with ParkVia and experience total security and comfort along with great prices.




5 / 5

Parking couvert situé en face le terminal, pas besoin de navette. Réservation par internet, il faut passer au guichet situe au RDC en face le terminal pour valider la réservation. Au retour paiement direct aux caisses automatiques au prix annonce. Nickel.

5 / 5

Très pratique et bon marché

5 / 5

Great service. Will use again 😁!

5 / 5

The machine didn't recognize our car reg when we arrived,so we had to visit the office on our return, but it was sorted out satisfactorily.

5 / 5

great experience

5 / 5

Muy facil y rápido. La mejor opción económica.

5 / 5

todo OK

5 / 5

El sistema de reconocimiento de matrícula no funcionó a la entrada. La persona que atendía la oficina fue muy amable en el trato y formalizó mediante mi localizador la tarjeta de salida.

5 / 5

parfait et pas cher

5 / 5

And so much cheaper than Perpignan Airport. But question 3 should have a place to say n/a as we did not have to use one.

5 / 5

great service

5 / 5

Aide très minime en cas de problèmes

5 / 5

Todo OK aunque destacaría: El coche me lo entregaron bastante más sucio de lo que estaba. Supongo que el aparcamiento era de tierra. También, aunque eso ya es una opción personal, yo prefiero dejar el coche en el parking y que me lleven y traigan al aeropuerto en transporte, pues no me gusta mucho que otra persona conducta mi coche. En este caso no tuve la opción de poderlo hacer. Gracias.

5 / 5

Park via lo hace todo facil a un precio incomparable. La única cosa fue que estaban sobre solícitos en sus llamadas - llamándome cuando estaba conduciendo cuando estaba a punto de llamar, y llamándome otra vez para decirme que el coche habia llegado y que estaban esperándome.

5 / 5

Girona airport information

Girona airport

Girona airport, officially known as Girona-Costa Brava, is the second largest airport in Catalonia. Due to its close proximity to Barcelona, the airport is considered as a viable alternative to Barcelona El Prat airport.

The airport is located near the Costa Brava, Pyrenees, southern France and the cities of Girona (10 km) and Barcelona (85 km).

Girona airport is one of the main bases of low cost airline Ryanair. From Girona-Costa Brava you can travel to multiple destinations, both within Spain and other European countries such as the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Ukraine, Sweden, Turkey, Cyprus, Malta, Morocco, Poland, Estonia and Lithuania.

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