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Trieste Airport Parking

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Compare Car Parks at Trieste Airport

If you’re planning  a  trip from Trieste airport and looking  for  airport parking, with  ParkVia  it's easy to find the right parking space at Trieste  airport by comparing  prices  and  features  of  each  car park then booking in  advance online to save money.

You will avoid the stress of arriving at the at the airport on the day of your flight without a reservation and with the risk of not finding place and not knowing where to park. Once you have  entered the dates of your trip, our search engine allows you to easily and efficiently view the  available parking spaces and their prices and  services offered. If  you would like to find  a  low-cost car park at Trieste Airport, you'll find a wide selection of opportunities on ParkVia, viewable  by price, distance from the terminal or ratings from previous customers.


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Types of parking available at Trieste airport

Trieste Airport: official parking for long stops

If you're planning a vacation and travelling with bulky luggage or with family or friends, getting  to  the airport by car can make a real difference in terms of convenience! With ParkVia you can   easily and safely choose a Trieste airport car park including booking parking at the official airport car parks, including P1 (400  parking  spaces just  five  minutes from the terminal), P2 (contains  up to 650 cars and is 5 minutes walk from the terminal), P3 (business parking near    departures),P7 (multi-storey parking with 500 seats a 3-minute walk from the terminal) and P8 (low-cost parking which  can  hold  up  to 1000 cars and is  a 5-minute walk from the terminal). It is also close to the bus and train station and is connected to the terminal by an elevated walkway.

Indoor car parks

If you want total security and peace of mind, choose to book indoor parking with ParkVia, such as the multi-storey P7. You will be guaranteed to leave your car in an indoor space and you will travel without  worries. If you are looking to book indoor parking then you should book online as soon as possible, as indoor parking is the most requested and available places sell out quickly.

Information about Trieste airport

Trieste Friuli Venezia Giulia Airport, formally called Trieste – Ronchi dei Legionari Airport (IATA code: TRS,  ICAO: LIPQ)  is located  along  the former highway 14  of the  Venice Giulia,  in the municipality of Ronchi dei Legionaries in Friuli-Venezia Giulia in the province of Gorizia, 21 km  southwest of Gorizia and 30 km  northwest  of Trieste. The airport's catchment area is made up  of as many as 5 million people and in 2018  772,517  passengers passed through the airport. It has a  passenger terminal and a cargo freight terminal. Every day, 11 flights depart to domestic  and  international destinations (including some  major  European  destinations such as Munich,  Frankfurt  and  Rome, from  which  you   can   more than  500  destinations  worldwide) with 8  airlines currently operating from here. Among the facilities offered by the airport, there’s a bar and restaurant, the IATA  ticket office, an ATM and info point of tourism for the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, as well as a book sharing space which includes access to the wi-fi network.


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