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Travelodge Parking Dublin North

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Travelodge Dublin North offer park and ride facilities for users of Dublin Airport. Travelodge is a popular choice. The surface level car park is suitable for wheelchair users.


Travelodge Dublin Airport North offer customers a great park and fly service without having to reserve a room or stay the night before. The car park is surrounded by a large shrubbery embankment and hedging, along with a metal fence at the rear of the hotel. To reserve a parking space, you must book in advance as it is necessary to display the 'booking detail voucher' that you receive in an email after an online booking. It is essential that you print 2 copies of this and display one in your car, as it is one of the measures to combat illegal parking and if it is not displayed your vehicle is liable to be clamped. (The second copy is for the shuttle bus). For both entry and exit customers will need to call in at reception to confirm arrival and departure times. A bus service to and from Dublin Airport is available for car park customers and guests of the hotel. The Dublin Airport Hopper, which provides the transfer service, is a fast and reliable direct link to and from the Travelodge Dublin Airport North ‘Swords’ and Dublin Airport with a journey time of 10 minutes! With services every 30 minutes for most of the day from 04:00am to 11:00pm there is no better way to get to and from the Terminal!Departures from the Travelodge leave at 06 minutes and 36 minutes past the hour, with a break in service at 09:06 and 18:36. The last departure from the Travelodge leaves at 22:36. Departures from the Airport leave on the hour and the half hour, with a break in service at 09:30 and 19:00. The last bus leaves the airport at 23:00. Cost per person is €3 each way – Children (under 16) go free. This is payable to the bus driver and is not included in the payment you make for parking. You must show the second printed copy of your email to the bus driver to receive the Travelodge transfer price - otherwise you will be charged €5 per person.Please note that there are 16 bays in the coach park which are for the use of ALL bus operators; the Dublin Hopper can therefore arrive into ANY bay. The bus will arrive into the airport from approximately 7 minutes before its scheduled departure time and will park in any one available of the 16 bays. Customers therefore need to look out for the bus and at the destinations displayed on buses in order to find the correct shuttle service.


You will receive a booking voucher containing the car park's address and telephone number, along with any relevant instructions and directions, upon confirming your reservation. To view the location of the car park, please see the map on the website.


You MUST HAVE ACCESS TO A PRINTER. You are required to print the proof of booking document, which you receive at the time of booking via email, and display it in the front of your car for the period it is parked, otherwise you risk your vehicle being clamped.

You also are required to print the booking voucher and show this to the bus driver, as the transfer charge is at a discounted rate. If you do not present this, you will not be given the discounted rate.


  • Shuttle BusShuttle Bus
  • Height RestrictionHeight Restriction
  • Well LitWell Lit
  • Anti-Covid MeasuresAnti-Covid Measures


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Travelodge entrance Travelodge car park view from side Travelodge car park view from front

Customer Reviews

Rated 4.7 based on 322 reviews

Tuesday 24 March 2020

5 / 5
Thursday 19 March 2020

I have had to answer two questions which are not applicable so while the car service was good what about this questioner

5 / 5
Monday 2 March 2020

Adding in the bus transfer and depending on number of passengers it can actually work out better to use Dublin airport as they provide in their price airport transfers. max of 5 people in the car adds €30 (€3 each way) to the parking costs which is a lot in comparison to other providers and something to be look at in the service provided.

4 / 5
Tuesday 25 February 2020

5 / 5
Sunday 16 February 2020

4 / 5
Tuesday 4 February 2020

Excellent service 👍

5 / 5
Friday 24 January 2020

5 / 5
Wednesday 15 January 2020

4 / 5
Wednesday 8 January 2020

4 / 5
Wednesday 8 January 2020

5 / 5
Thursday 2 January 2020

5 / 5
Friday 27 December 2019

5 / 5
Wednesday 25 December 2019

4 / 5
Thursday 19 December 2019

4 / 5
Saturday 14 December 2019

Thank you

5 / 5
Wednesday 4 December 2019

4 / 5
Tuesday 19 November 2019

The driver on the return journey knew nothing about the discounted rate. He gave it to me in the end but made it out he was doing me a massive favour. I think staff should be better informed.

4 / 5
Saturday 16 November 2019

The shuttle bus did not show up at Dublin airport - either the 5.30 or 6pm bus. I had to get a taxi back to the Travelodge.

3 / 5
Saturday 9 November 2019

Everything was excellent on the way to the airport no problems but on the return we waited for a bus to pick us up to return us to the car park for what seemed like over an hour in the freezing cold that we ended up having to get a taxi to take us to the car and not even on the way over in the taxi did we see a bus on route to the airport so the transfer service was appalling and is not the services advertised

3 / 5
Monday 4 November 2019

5 / 5
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