Parken Airport Hahn

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Parken Airport Hahn

Cheap and secure Frankfurt Hahn airport parking with Parken Airport Hahn. Only 700 m from the terminal. No transfer necessary.


No Shuttle Service necessary as the car park is located only 700 metres from the terminal building and can be reached comfortably on foot within 10 minutes. Please note the following, should you wish to park your vehicle outside our opening hours: On the day of your departure, please drive directly to the car park in Lautzenhausen and park your car in front or behind buildings 51 or 53. Please place the booking confirmation clearly visible behind the wind shield. Please bring an envelope and write your name, number plate and a four-digit pincode of your choosing onto the envelope and place your car key inside. Please put the envelope into the safe, which is located on the right hand side of the entrance to building 51. On the day of your arrival you will find a number, between 1 and 30, behind the Wind shield of your car. Behind Building 53 you will also find 30 Mini-Safes on the wall. Please go to the safe which corresponds with the number that you have found behind your wind shield. Enter your four-digit pin code and retrieve your car key. You can now leave the car park and start your journey home. Whilst you are away your car will be parked securely on the Parken Airport Hahn car park which is regularly patrolled by the staff. The car park has liability insurance in line with the legal requirements. Please note: Customers are required to leave their car keys, as it might be necessary to move the vehicle to another site, which is located approx 1,3 km from the original car park.

Jak se na místo dostanete

Potvrzení o rezervaci obsahující adresu a telefonní číslo parkoviště spolu s ostatními relevantními informacemi a instrukcemi, Vám bude zprostředkované emailem po dokončení rezervace. Pokud chcete vidět umístění parkoviště, prosím podívejte se na mapu na naší stránce.


  • No transfer necessary, the terminal is just 700 meters away!
  • If you arrive before 8:30am or after 6:00pm please call the car park on the day prior to your departure on the telephone number given in the booking voucher and a member of staff will advise you of the arrival procedure.
  • Please note the following vehicle size restrictions: maximum height 2m; maximum width 2.3m; maximum length 6m. Larger vehicles may be accommodated on request. Please contact our customer service team.
  • Please note that your vehicle might be transferred to the car park's open air space or covered spaces (depending on what you have booked) 1,6km away if the primary location is full. On the day of your return, the car will be taken back to the car park where you left it. The car park requires that you leave your car keys in the safe.
  • Disabled parking spaces are available.


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úterý 5. listopadu 2019

4 / 5
pondělí 4. listopadu 2019

4 / 5
čtvrtek 31. října 2019

insgesamt war ich zufrieden mit dem Angebot; ich konnte mein Auto pünktlich abgeben und auch wieder abholen; nicht gefallen hat mir, dass wohl jemand mein Auto mit matschigen Schuhen umgeparkt hat

3 / 5
pondělí 21. října 2019

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úterý 15. října 2019

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středa 2. října 2019

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úterý 1. října 2019

4 / 5
středa 25. září 2019

Dears in order not to miss forget and have clear understaning about the procédure it would be useful to add thé note in Bold on the confirmation.: Mandatory to read before departure. Regards

4 / 5
úterý 24. září 2019

4 / 5
středa 18. září 2019

5 / 5
úterý 17. září 2019

5 / 5
neděle 15. září 2019

5 / 5
středa 4. září 2019

Service simple et très efficace

5 / 5
středa 4. září 2019

Wir haben versäumt, den Shuttletransfer in Anspruch zu nehmen. Der mit 700 m angegebene Fußweg ist bei sommerlichen Temperaturen beschwerlich.

3 / 5
sobota 31. srpna 2019

4 / 5
čtvrtek 29. srpna 2019

5 / 5
úterý 27. srpna 2019

5 / 5
úterý 27. srpna 2019

Es gab keinen Shutteltransfer, ich musste zu Fus laufen. Es war alles in Ordnung und ein prima Service. Nach dem Tacko wurde vier (4) Km mit meinem Auto gefahren, das finde ich etwas viel, aber sonst war alles bestens.

5 / 5
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