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New York JFK Airport Parking

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JFK Airport Parking: How It Works

JFK Airport Parking: How It Works 

Simply enter your travel dates in the search bar to check availability and start the easy booking process with ParkVia. You can then choose from a wide selection of available parking near JFK Airport.   

There’re only 3 simple steps when booking with ParkVia:   


Quickly and easily compare prices, services, reviews, availability and distance from the terminal. Find secure long or short-stay parking in outdoor airport car parks.    


Choose the best parking space for your needs. Shuttle bus, valet parking and other services are available. Pay securely online and get the best price guaranteed.    


Enjoy the peace of mind of having a parking space for your trip. Just show your booking reservation on arrival. 

Compare Parking at JFK Airport

Experience cost-effective parking solutions at JFK Airport without compromising on quality. Our partnered parking facilities prioritize the security of your vehicle, ensuring it's in safe hands throughout your trip. 

On our user-friendly platform, effortlessly compare prices, services, and reviews to find the perfect parking spot that suits your preferences and budget. Our straightforward booking process ensures reserving your parking spot is quick and easy, saving you time and avoiding last-minute stress. 

Furthermore, enjoy complimentary shuttle services at Air Park New York Valet, making your journey to and from the airport terminal hassle-free. 

Secure your parking at JFK Airport with us today! 

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Cheap JFK Airport Parking Rates with ParkVia 

We can offer a variety of parking options tailored for both business and leisure travelers at JFK Airport, including convenient shuttle transfers, and valet parking.  

Get fantastic savings up to 60% when you book in advance with ParkVia. Our commitment to providing the best rates is supported by our Best Price Guarantee policy. When you choose to book through us, you’re guaranteed never pay more for parking compared to booking directly with the car park on the day. If, by chance, you find a better rate when booking directly with the parking provider, we’ll gladly refund the difference. This ensures complete confidence when securing your JFK Airport parking through ParkVia. 

At ParkVia, we believe that travelers should have access to high-quality parking choices at budget-friendly rates. Our enduring partnerships and dedication to offering the most competitive rates have solidified our standing as the preferred destination for affordable parking at JFK Airport. Don't hesitate – secure your JFK Airport parking with ParkVia today! 

JFK Airport Parking with Shuttle Bus and Valet Parking 

Our partnered car parks offer parking near JFK Airport with shuttle bus transfers, valet parking (also known as meet and greet), and other helpful services subject to availability. 


For those seeking an effortless transfer from the car park to the airport terminal, shuttle bus transfers provide you with transportation from the car park to the airport’s terminal with ease and is additionally ideal for travelers with heavy luggage or who are traveling with family.   

Enjoy the added benefit of complimentary transfers to the airport terminal with Air Park New York Valet. The shuttle bus makes transportation from the car park to the terminal easy, without the additional costs, making your travel experience even more convenient. 


Meet and greet (also known as valet parking) provides you with immediate arrival at the airport’s terminal so that you’re ready to go! Staff from the car park you’ve booked will park your car for you and handle your baggage at no additional charge. It's the perfect solution for travelers seeking a smooth, expedited experience. 

Experience the convenience of meet and greet services with Air Park New York Valet and JFK Long Term Parking Inc. Located just 5 minutes from JFK Airport, their lots operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring accessibility throughout the year. Upon your return they’ll provide a prompt pickup service after you collect your bags. Your vehicle will be waiting, temperature adjusted, and ready for your journey. Their fenced parking area is not only gated but also manned 24/7 by their staff. With CCTV cameras, you can trust the safety and security of your vehicle during its stay with them. 

We believe airport parking should be more than a mere necessity; it should be an experience. Explore the services offered by our trusted car park partners and tailor your parking experience to your liking. With JFK Airport parking, convenience and customization go hand in hand. 

JFK Airport Terminal Parking 

The airport features 5 passenger terminals, containing 130 gates. The terminals, numbered 1-8, form a distinctive pattern, with exceptions for terminals 2, 3, and 6, which were demolished in 2023, 2013, and 2011, respectively. Arranged in a deformed U-shaped wavy pattern around a central area housing essential facilities like parking, a power plant, and more, the terminal buildings contribute to the airport's dynamic layout. 

The terminals are connected by the AirTrain system and a network of access roads. The airport is well-connected by various modes of transportation such as cars, buses, shuttles and other vehicle transit through the JFK Expressway or Interstate 678 (Van Wyck Expressway). Additionally, train access is available for travelers. 

Navigating between terminals, although not encouraged on foot due to busy roads within the airport loop, is possible. While sidewalks are available, walking between terminals, especially those close to Terminals 4 and 5, is feasible. 

Our parking providers strategically position themselves close to the terminals, ensuring that travelers have convenient and accessible options for parking their vehicles during their journeys. 

About JFK Airport 

John F. Kennedy International Airport is a prominent international airport in Queens, New York City. As one of the busiest airports in the United States, JFK serves as a primary gateway for travelers entering and leaving the country. With multiple terminals, it offers a wide array of domestic and international flight options. 

The airport spans 5,200 acres or approximately 21 square kilometers (8.1 sq mi). With a network of over 25 miles (40 km) of paved taxiways, aircraft can seamlessly navigate the airfield. These taxiways, standardized at a width of 75 feet (23 m), feature robust 25 feet (7.6 m) heavy-duty shoulders and additional 25-foot (7.6 m) erosion control pavement on each side. Composed mainly of 15 to 18 inches (380 to 460 mm) thick asphalt concrete, these taxiways ensure durability and reliability. To guide taxiing aircraft, the airport employs a combination of painted markings, lighted signage, and embedded pavement lighting, including runway status lights, offering both position and directional information. 

The airport boasts four runways, organized into two pairs of parallel runways, encircling the central terminal area. This infrastructure ensures efficient aircraft movement and contributes to the overall functionality of the airport. 

The airport is known for its world-class amenities, including shopping, dining, and lounges, ensuring that passengers have a comfortable and enjoyable experience. JFK Airport's strategic location makes it a key transportation hub, connecting people to destinations across the globe. With its commitment to passenger convenience and top-notch services, JFK Airport continues to play a vital role in international travel. 

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