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So… where will I park again?

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So… where will I park again?
Tuesday 3 February 2015

So… where will I park again?

The day you've been waiting for is finally here. With your holidays booked many months ago, your luggage is packed, you have loaded up the car and now you're ready to set off!

You've allowed yourself lots of travel time and now you're travelling to the airport, where you'll need to search for a car parking space. No need to worry, a good friend told you about a great little car park only a few miles away - finding it will be easy and they're sure to have some spaces available!

Everything's going fine until you come across traffic you weren't expecting, the sign posts you were looking out for never appear, the GPS runs flat, the kids ask to stop the car every half hour… and then when you arrive you see the “Full” sign outside the front of the car park. Sadly your original plans are ruined- what are you supposed to do?

The answer? Simply re-wind until earlier in the week and pre-book your parking space online!

You can chose from hundreds of parking spaces across Ireland on the ParkVia website, near the biggest travel gateways with each offering alternative services. Here's a few reasons why it's wise to pre-book parking in advance:

  • You know exactly where you're leaving your vehicle. On our website you'll find detailed profiles of all our listed car parks, including services, features and prices.
  • A guaranteed parking space, whatever the time of year. You won't need to spend precious time searching for a parking space and risk missing the next stage of your journey. There's a parking space with your name on it on the ParkVia website!
  • You know everything you need to know. Whether you go for a car park that offers a shuttle bus or a meet and greet service, you'll have all the information you need for the smoothest journey possible.
  • You know where you're driving to. Once you have made an online booking, we'll send you an SMS and an email with an address, map, directions and GPS coordinates for you to easily find the location of your car park. In addition, you'll receive the car park's telephone number, in case you wish to give them a call before your arrival.

Choose parking with ParkVia now and say goodbye to holiday travel stress.

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