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5 Golden Rules For Family Holiday Happiness

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5 Golden Rules For Family Holiday Happiness
Monday 13 April 2015

5 Golden Rules For Family Holiday Happiness

There's a saying that has been around for years that says you can't please everybody. The same can be said about taking a holiday with the family, but in order to stop tantrums from happening it's vital to know everyone's wishes before your trip begins.

But with lots of information around on the best methods on achieving family holiday harmony, just what advice are you supposed to follow?

Just pay heed to these few simple steps and you won't go wrong...

  • Find out what everyone's plans are for the holiday
  • It's important to establish from the beginning what everyone has in mind for the holiday to avoid any misunderstandings later on. Get the kids involved in the preparation by getting them to help with packing and include them in checking in online and booking parking in advance of your trip.

  • Book an apartment instead of a hotel
  • Staying in an apartment further out of town will not just save you money but it will also help keep stress to a minimum. Away from the busy environment of a inner city hotel you can move around at a pace that suits you.

  • Remember to relax
  • If you have lots of events planned be sure to schedule in some down time too. You can keep the children occupied by bringing some home comforts along with you on your holiday, like their favourite toys or books for instance.

  • Ask your kids to keep a diary of their thoughts
  • We all know it can be difficult holding the imagination of a child. To keep a restless child occupied on a long uneventful plane or train journey ask them to keep a diary of their travel experiences.

  • Be prepared to change your plans at any time
  • Staying flexible with your plans is key to a happy holiday. That final day trip to the zoo might not be the best place for exhausted children to be after all.

Care to share your thoughts on the best ways to cope when travelling with kids? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page.

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