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What is the Meet & Greet service and how does it work?

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Meet and Greet Service is becoming more and more popular as a way of getting to the airport/port. It saves you the time and stress of looking for a car park and taking a shuttle bus, and although often thought of as a luxury, you may in fact find that in some cases it is the cheaper option, or the only form of transfer available. Many car parks on ParkVia offer the Meet Greet service exclusively, some let you book it at an additional cost, and others even let you choose between meet greet and shuttle service at the same price. Either way, it means that a driver will pick your car up from the airport when you arrive there and return it back to you when you land.

When booking a parking space with Meet Greet service through ParkVia, you should enter rough vehicle drop off and pick up times at the airport. Therefore you should usually indicate 2-3 hours before your flight departure, and then 20-60 minutes after your flight is due to land on return- however much time you think you will need to get through passport controls and pick up your luggage.
If your return flight is delayed you will just need to call the driver once you land- the car park will usually have asked you to provide your flight details in order to monitor delays. Most car parks are open 24/7 so you don't need to worry about getting stuck at the airport, however please check with individual operators.
You will be sent the phone number for the driver with your booking confirmation via email and sms text message. You will normally need to call 15-20 minutes before you get to the airport/port/station to confirm your vehicle drop-off time, and then again once you have picked up your luggage to have your vehicle brought back to you.

You should check your email booking confirmation as this will always contain up-to-date instructions relevant to the car park you have booked.

Is it safe?
Drivers will always have the necessary insurance to drive your car and to cover in case anything goes wrong. In order to identify the driver: he/she will have a copy of your booking voucher, and may also wear a uniform with the operator logo of the car park. If in doubt, you can always contact the car park on the number provided to check the identity of the driver sent to pick up your vehicle.

Please note You may sometimes see the Meet Greet service referred to as ‘Valet parking’, not to be confused with a car wash!

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