Budapest-Nyugati Station Parking

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  • Close to Budapest Nyugati Station

About Budapest Nyugati Station parking

Parking near Budapest-Nyugati Train Station has always been an issue. Nowadays it would be a coincidence to find a parking space even after driving around the car park a few times... and if it happens that we find out it is overly expensive.

Budapest-Nyugati Station Parking

The Budapest-Nyugati Train Station only offers short term parking, catering only for those who are parking to pick up and drop off passengers that travel by train. Unfortunately there is no long term parking available, although the good news is, that more and more car parks are opening as Budapest-Nyugati Station Parking, to cater for the local residents and workers. A few of these car parks are close to the train station, and so people can park not only for 1-2 hours, but they can also park their vehicles for the time they are travelling.

How can we book Budapest-Nyugati Station Parking?

  • Just enter the required time when you would like to park and press 'Search'
  • Select the desired car park and press 'Book'
  • Fill out the booking for with the required details and complete the booking with an online payment

Booking has never been this easy. After you have made the booking you will receive the confirmation email. The email will contain a booking voucher which will contain all the information regarding your reservation, as well as the car parks address and phone number.

Budapest Nyugati Station information

Nyugati Train Station

Budapest-Nyugati Train Station was Budapest’s first train station. In the past due to the rapid development of the railway network a new building was needed. The new iron structure building was built in the 1870s, and designed by none other than the famous Gustave Eiffel, the man responsible for the Eiffel Tower. Today both the train station and the Eiffel Tower still stand tall.

Thanks to the continuous development, new platforms have been built. In time Budapest has over grown and surrounded the building, and so today, the train station is no longer at the edge of the city, instead, its situated in the one of the busiest areas.

The train station was initially built in 1846 and was named Pesti Indóház. The building that we see today was open in 1877, and was named ‘’Nyugati’’ in 1891 to resemble the company that has built it. With a length of 146 meters, width of 42 and a height of 25 meters, provide 17 passenger platforms.

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