5 Top Tips Fearful Flyers Cannot Live Without

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5 Top Tips Fearful Flyers Cannot Live Without
25 May 2015

5 Top Tips Fearful Flyers Cannot Live Without

Love to see the world? Cannot wait to hop on your next long haul flight to explore some exotic locale abroad? Sadly for some people who like to travel, boarding a flight doesn't come so easy.

Despite facts suggesting that travelling by car is considered more dangerous than travelling by plane, there is still a high level of passengers crippled with fear about the thought of taking to the sky.

If you're one of the unfortunate few suffering from anxiety during a flight, then read on...

  • Expect movements during your flight
  • Treat moments of turbulence as if they were 'bumps in the road'. Let your body move in motion with the plane, rather than tensing up. Ask for a seat at front of the plane as turbulence is much greater towards the back of the aircraft.

  • Keep distracted
  • Get lost in a book, watch an in-flight movie, talk to a friend or even start a conversation with a stranger, to shift your focus away from the fear. Dwelling on it will only make things worse.

  • Avoid caffeine and energy drinks
  • Drinking coffee and energy drinks on board heightens anxiety. Staying relaxed is key, so give listening to peaceful music a try to keep cool, calm and collected.

  • Know how safe airplanes are
  • The most dangerous part of your flight is your drive to the airport. Comparing the safety of travelling by plane to other dangers should provide you with some comfort. Learn how a plane works from take off to landing if you can. A little knowledge on the subject will go a long way.

  • Take classes
  • There are numerous classes to help you manage your fear, some are free, whilst others come at a cost. If classes fail, then you may want to consider hypnosis as a last resort to help overcome your fear.

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