5 Tips For Speedy Passage Through Airport Security

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5 Tips For Speedy Passage Through Airport Security
05 May 2015

5 Tips For Speedy Passage Through Airport Security

Most of us, whether we choose to admit it or not, have been stopped one time or another at airport security for packing something in our hand luggage that we’re not supposed to.

Whilst the majority of us try and rely on using basic common sense judgement to make it through, (These passengers, including one owner of a Chihuahua dog, were obviously lacking this) just how many of us can confidently state we know the rules and can make it through security without a hitch?

To save you the hassle and the embarrassment of being held up at airport security we present below 5 tips for you to keep in mind. Remember that rules vary across the EU so it’s best to check with the relevant airlines and airports before travelling.

  • Liquids
  • There are restrictions on the amount of liquid substances you can take through airport security. All liquids carried must be under 100ml and presented in a clear re-sealable bag. You can however take liquid containers larger than 100ml through security if they are for essential medical purposes, special dietary requirements or contain baby food or baby milk.

  • Restricted Items
  • These are items that are considered to be an injury risk to yourself and to other passengers. Corkscrews, large scissors and cigarette lighters are three such items not allowed in your hand luggage, but they can be packed in your hold baggage (that’s the luggage you check in). Be careful how you pack when travelling at Christmas –some airlines have a ban on Christmas Crackers being carried in hand luggage!

  • Banned Items
  • Substances such as poisons and flammable liquids are, as you would expect, deemed highly dangerous for travel and are banned from all baggage.

  • Airport Shopping
  • For many destinations, anything you buy after security control can be taken on board the aircraft. Typically, this includes bottled drinks, fragrances and cosmetics in sizes over 100ml.

  • Be prepared and you'll speed through
  • For speedy passage through security put toiletries, make-up, perfume and aftershave into one clear re-sealable bag ensuring each item is below 100ml.

    Before reaching the x-ray area ensure bulky electrical items such as laptops, hair dryers, straighteners, docking stations, speakers and tablets are easily accessed, ready to remove from your hand luggage.

    Finally, remove any outer wear, high heels, belts, watches and loose items such as keys, coins and mobile phones.

Finding all the security restrictions baffling? If there’s one rule to live by when it comes to airport security it should be ‘If in doubt, leave it out!’ What advice would you offer? Visit our Facebook page and leave us a comment.