Do I Have To Leave My Keys At The Car Park?

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17 February 2015

At ParkVia, we understand that it when it comes to parking your car, safety and security are paramount. We also understand how concerned you might feel when a car park requires you to leave your car keys with them as you continue on your journey.

However, you can rest easy, because when your leave your car keys with the car park, you can be sure that the same level of attention will be given to your keys as with your car.

Some car parks will ask that you leave your keys with them in the event that a plumbing or electrical fault occurs for example which will require the car park to move your vehicle to a safe place.

Other times when you will need to leave your keys with the car park include:

  • With a shuttle service, you can usually drive straight to the car park before being transferred to the airport. Some car parks will request your keys are kept at the car park, and this is for security purposes only
  • With a meet and greet service, you are met at the airport and your car is driven back to the car park by a qualified driver. In this situation, it's obviously necessary to leave your keys in the hands of the car park
  • If you have requested any additional services, a car wash or service for example, it may be necessary for you to leave your keys with the car park to allow the staff to clean the inside of your car

Not all car parks will ask you to leave your car keys whilst you are away, but the ones that do will clearly state this information, so you'll always know before you go! So, sit back and relax safe in the knowledge that your car is in safe hands with ParkVia.