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Priority Parking Meet and Greet

With Official Luton airport Meet and Greet, you arrive at the airport hassle free. All you need to do is drive to the Short Term car park just outside the terminal, where a chauffeur will meet you, take your car and park it in one of the airport's own car parks. And when you return, it'll be waiting outside the terminal for you so you can jump straight in.

Why reserve Luton Priority Parking

The airport's own official Meet and Greet package. Your car's collected from the Short Term car park just outside the terminal, parked for you, and brought back when you return from holiday.

  • No need for transfers.
  • Your car will be parked in an official on-airport car park with entry and exit barriers and a fence.
  • Great for disabled customers.
  • Security at Luton Priority Parking.

Your car will be parked in one of the official on-airport car parks while you are on holiday (normally the Short Term car park). These all have entry and exit barriers, high fences and lighting, and are regularly patrolled.

  • Security barrier for restricted access
  • Full security fencing of the perimeter
  • Security lighting over the facility
  • Regular staff security patrols.

Luton Priority Parking Transfers:

There's no need for transfer buses as Priority Parking is at the terminal.

Once you reserve parking for this option, it is not possible to amend your booking or request a refund when cancelling as the car park does not permit this.


You will receive a booking voucher containing the car park's address and telephone number, along with any relevant instructions and directions, upon confirming your reservation. To view the location of the car park, please see the map on the website.


Once you reserve parking for this option, it is not possible to amend your booking or request a refund when cancelling as the car park does not permit this.


  • Barrier EntryBarrier Entry
  • TarmacedTarmaced
  • Perimeter FencePerimeter Fence
  • Well LitWell Lit
  • 24 Hour24 Hour


Customer Reviews

15 February 2018

Excellent Parking location all 5 stars Staff professional and friendly Many Thanks SM

5 / 5
17 September 2017

2 / 5
30 July 2017

directions could be improved and also very expensive (most expensive in the country)

4 / 5
22 July 2017

When collecting the vehicle staff should take customers to their car and then get them to sign paperwork. To ask for signature before viewing the car is not professional service but I suspect it's done due to laziness of staff.

4 / 5

05 June 2017

4 / 5

02 June 2017

1./even in confirmation email you are showing the wrong coordinates for the car park!!! I had to call your guys to find the place 2./ At the exit barrier the reader wanted me to pay £155 !!!! had to call the local guy who couldn't help and had to call someone in your office in order to let me out

3 / 5

22 May 2017

4 / 5

21 May 2017

5 / 5
12 May 2017

Operators should take drivers to the vehicle and confirm the paperwork and not ask for signature in the office. The driver has to sign confirming there is no damage to the vehicle when he has not even looked at it or seen it. This is ridiculous and shows poor customer service. It happens every time !!! Also drivers seat position should be put in neutral position so I can at least sit in the car !!

4 / 5
30 March 2017

Very professional service. Could be improved by taking customers to their vehicles when they return for pick-up and giving customers the keys & sign off card where the car is parked because when you are having to sign you are confirming that the car has been inspected which you can't do at the office counter. After all this is what is done at drop-off when you arrive. The same courtesy should be extended at collection.

5 / 5
26 February 2017

5 / 5
03 January 2017

Operator was efficient. However, finding the location in the dark and rain was hard. I had to pay £3 drop off parking charge when I missed the turn.

4 / 5
15 December 2016

The signage just getting to the Parkin area was poor and then access to the terminal was also poor. Non of this is referenced on the website. And then getting your car back was even more challenging and not at all what I would expect for a service entitled 'meet and greet' it all fell well below what was described and I have experienced at other meet and greet services. Overall very poor and I wouldn't recommend the service to others. 

2 / 5
11 December 2016

5 / 5
29 November 2016

The location of the car parking is excellent, right by the terminal. The inconvenience was the uneven floor surface (our car was very dirty after 5 days parked here, also). And because it is not finished yet, it takes a long time to leave the parking area as well. 

5 / 5
01 October 2016

I had a different picture in my head, but overall happy. Did found it amateurish and a littlebit chaotic. Hopefully after all the construction work ends,service will improves. Another thing regarding of billing. To get a VAT invoice is seems impossible!

3 / 5
15 September 2016

Absolute waste of money diabolical service never again..

Ticket #523947

1 / 5
20 June 2016

5 / 5