PMS Park and Fly Hamburg Meet & Greet Underground

Vehicle Drop-Off Date
Vehicle Pick-Up Date
PMS Park and Fly Hamburg Meet & Greet Underground

Enjoy secure parking in this insured underground garage. Just drop off your car straight at the airport.

HOW IT WORKS: On the day of your arrival please ring the car park approx. 15 minutes before you reach the airport. An employee from PMS will be waiting for you and pick up your car right outside the terminal. On your return a friendly PMS employee will be waiting with your car right outside the arrivals terminal.


You will receive a booking voucher containing the car park's address and telephone number, along with any relevant instructions and directions, upon confirming your reservation. To view the location of the car park, please see the map on the website.


  • UndercoverUndercover
  • Insured Car ParkInsured Car Park
  • Car ServicingCar Servicing
  • Meet and GreetMeet and Greet
  • Flat Battery Jump StartFlat Battery Jump Start
  • Tyre Checking ServiceTyre Checking Service

Customer Reviews

21 January 2020

5 / 5
27 July 2019

We had to wait for 30 min. before our car was picked up and also 30 min waitingtime, when we came home, before the car was delivered, and it wat delivered at Departures and not at Arriwals as last year.

3 / 5
04 July 2019

5 / 5
29 October 2018

As informed, we called 15 min prior to arrival at the airport. We were told to call again, when we arrived at the airport... We did so, and we still had to wait 30 min, until our car was picked up. Luckily we were there in good time, but when I pay extra, it's sad that it would have been faster and cheaper, to find a parking space in the airport.

3 / 5
17 October 2018

Beim nächsten Mal weiß ich besser Bescheid! Die nicht ganz volle Punktzahl lang nicht an Ihnen ;-) Die Mitarbeiter waren mehr als klasse! Danke!

5 / 5
03 August 2018

Det var helt i top

5 / 5
02 August 2018

4 / 5
Brian Ladegaard
29 July 2018

5 / 5
Keld Frank
26 July 2018

Bei der Abholung müssten wir mehr als eine Stunde warten. Wir haben 4 Mal angerufen und jedes Mal war es: Wir sind unterwegs - wir sind bald da. Überhaupt nicht zufriedenstellend.

2 / 5
Simon Nørgaard
24 July 2018

5 / 5
24 July 2018

5 / 5
18 July 2018

5 / 5
15 July 2018

I can´t accept that the driver has changed a lot of the technical settings when returned.

3 / 5
13 July 2018

Well, that was a pretty fantastic service. Arrive at the departure terminal and someone meets you to take your car and stow it - get back from your travels, call them up 15 minutes before you hit the terminal exit and there is your car waiting for you. - great idea, great service, thank you. Will def. use again.

5 / 5
10 July 2018

Havde leget med motor indstilling omkring Power. Havde fået stor ridse ved vindue som jeg først opdagede da jeg kom hjem.

3 / 5
19 May 2018

I think it a bit overdone to ask both for vehicle make and type?

5 / 5
Ole Juul
02 April 2018

5 / 5
25 March 2018

5 / 5
05 November 2017

Perfekt, immer wieder

5 / 5
01 November 2017

2 / 5
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