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Premium Parking AENA Bilbao + VIP Lounge

Abholdatum des Fahrzeugs
Premium Parking AENA Bilbao + VIP Lounge

The Premium Bilbao airport Parking is located within 1 minute walking distance to the passenger terminal. The car park is undercover and secure and is located right at the terminal. Access to the VIP Lounge is granted by selecting this option.


On entering the car park:

Take a ticket as you enter the car park. IMPORTANT: Please wait in front of the barrier until the Automatic Number Plate Recognition recognises your vehicle and a ticket will be issued automatically. YOU MUST NOT PRESS THE BUTTON. If you press the button, the ATM will charge you the normal price and not the reservation price. Proceed into the car park and park your car in any available parking space.

On your return:

When you return to the car park, please go to the ATM to make the payment. If you have any problems, please use the Customer Service assistance integrated in the ATM. Amount calculated based on the length of stay booked. If the actual stay of the vehicle is different, this amount may vary.

The 5 digit alphanumeric code in the top right corner of your voucher may be required by AENA staff in order to manage the arrivals and departures to and from the car park.

Premium Car park + Vip lounge access. Places located on the zero floor walk from terminal within the general car park.


Sobald Sie Ihre Buchung abgeschlossen haben, erhalten Sie eine Buchungsbestätigung mit der Adresse und Telefonnummer des Parkplatzes, sowie weitere relevante Informationen. Den Standort des Parkplatzes entnehmen Sie bitte der Karte auf der Webseite.



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